8 Inspiring Brands That Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

8 Inspiring Brands That Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

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Tuesday, July 30th is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons - a day that continues to feel incredibly important to us. This week we are donating 10% of all sales to Love146, a non-profit working to stop child trafficking around the world through prevention, advocacy, and holistic care for survivors.  

In the U.S. and in countries around the globe, modern slavery persists as millions of people are coerced, forced, or falsely led into forced labor, sexual exploitation, bondage, or servitude. Girls and women are overwhelming most vulnerable, but so are men and boys. Stripped of freedoms and basic rights, they are often outcast from loved ones and exploited for many years.

One way you can help is by purchasing products that empower survivors and those vulnerable to human trafficking. More and more, inspiring brands are providing meaningful jobs and partnering with non-profits to support survivors on the path to becoming self-sufficient. Each handcrafted piece means hope and opportunity for an artisan and her family. Shop to help restore freedom and independence for exploited women around the world. 

1. Branded Collective 

Branded Collective - 8 Inspiring Brands that Fight Human Trafficking and Empower Survivors

With their hand-stamped brass cuffs, Branded Collective empowers survivors of human trafficking in Nashville to reach economic independence. Partnering with local non-profit End Slavery Tennessee, their jewelry collection ensures women can have meaningful job and training opportunities. We love that each is stamped with the initials of the woman who made it. Log in with your unique number and join more than 27,000 members striving to end trafficking!

2. The Tote Project

The Tote Project - 8 Inspiring Brands that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

These adorably-designed tote bags and organic pouches are handmade in India by women who are escaping sex trafficking. With a passion for giving back and ethical manufacturing, The Tote Project's founders went above and beyond to choose ethical partners. In partnership with Freeset and Oasis Bags, every purchase helps restore hope and holistic independence for survivors. On top of this, every purchase includes a 10% donation to the non-profit Two Wings!


UNCVRD jewelry that gives back - 8 Inspiring Brands that Fight Human Trafficking and Empower Survivors

UNCVRD is an inspiring handmade jewelry brand with a vision to see human trafficking abolished in our lifetime. By donating 40% of all sales to dedicated organizations Gems Uncovered and Brave Global, they are able to support trafficked girls and women locally with outreach programs in Los Angeles and essential resources. We love their elegant and versatile gold pendant necklaces!

4. Freeleaf

Freeleaf - handcrafted home decor to empower survivors of human trafficking and give back

This stunning collection of hand-woven rugs, handcrafted home decor, tassel earrings, and bright necklaces supports a new beginning for exploited women in Asia. Freeleaf provides survivors and those at risk of being trafficked with a path to a dignified career and living wage. Each handcrafted piece is imbued with its makers' skills and inspires a renewed sense of independence.

5. The Brave Collection

The Brave Collection - 8 Inspiring Brands Fighting to End Human Trafficking and Empower Survivors

The Brave Collection is on a mission to empower mothers and women in Cambodia coming from underprivileged backgrounds and living with disabilities. With every hand-carved brass, silver and gold vermeil jewelry piece, artisans are given a living wage, dignified employment, healthcare and education for her family. To give back more, 10% of The Brave Collection's profits are donated to partners in Cambodia to fight human trafficking and empower vulnerable girls. We love their Peony Compass Bracelets as whimsical accessories for the summer!

6. Citizen & Darling

Citizen & Darling - 8 Inspiring Brands that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

These adorable statement tees, hats and accessories for women, children and men are designed to create a powerful impact beyond their inspiring message. Printed with words like Freedom Fighter and Still, I rise, every Citizen & Darling shirt includes a 10% donation to a non-profit committed to fighting human trafficking. Check out their Darling Crop for a versatile style that gives back to FREEDOM&FASHION, an organization helping empower youth overcoming trafficking.

7. Ethic Goods

Ethic Goods - 8 Inspiring Brands that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

Designed in Washington, D.C. and handmade in Thailand, China, and Ethiopia, Ethic Goods is committed to creating pieces that put its artisan makers first. Their curated collection of modern earrings and bracelets gives freedom and opportunity to women rescued from human trafficking or who are at risk. Partnering with non-profits, Ethic Goods supports a holistic path to a brighter future for each woman with education, counseling and healthcare. 

8. Malia Designs

Malia Designs handcrafted artisan bags - 8 Inspiring Brands that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

Handmade in Cambodia, every Malia Designs upcycled handbag, purse and wallet creates a much-needed source of income and safe employment for women. Beyond this, Malia Designs has donated over $160,000 to non-profits in Cambodia and the U.S. to help end child trafficking. We love that each design brings economic security and valuable training to artisans with disabilities who are most vulnerable to trafficking. Choose their fair trade Ikat Flat Clutch to add beauty and purpose to your wardrobe!

Every purchase has the power to make a positive impact on people around the world. This list is only the beginning... there are so many more social enterprises out there fighting to end human trafficking. Let us know which brands inspire you to give back in the comments below!


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Tiffany B
Tiffany B

I love Amazima & buy their jewelry to support the women in Uganda

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