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10 Ethical & Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs to Inspire Every Day


We're always on the lookout for ethical lifestyle blogs and we can't help feeling a little happy inside when we find a new one. Conscious living and sustainable purchasing can be a real challenge to get started and navigate long-term... heck, we're still figuring out the right balance for ourselves. So to see people sharing their personal journey into saying no to plastic, unethical goods, and fast fashion is incredibly inspiring.

Ethical bloggers are generously sharing their experience so that others can do the same, at the pace that is right for them. And the momentum is growing! It's clear that these founders are personally invested in living out a sustainable lifestyle, with all the bumps and missteps along the way. It's amazing to see people coming together to truly care about the impact they are making. So, time to share! Here are 10 of our favorite ethical and sustainable lifestyle blogs doing good for people and the planet. 

1. Melanin & Sustainable Style

Melanin & Sustainable Style - 10 Ethical and Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs to Inspire

Melanin & Sustainable Style is an incredible platform promoting ethical living, sustainability and diversity in one inclusive space. Founder Dominique Drakeford is dedicated to celebrating holistic wellness and empowering communities of color. Tying the bridge between nature and culture, she features captivating interviews with ethical brands owned by women of color. Follow MelaninASS for thoughtfully curated content on non-toxic style, sustainable beauty and self-care.

2. Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic - 10 Ethical Lifestyle and Sustainable Blogs to Inspire Every Day

With beautiful fair OOTDs and ethical fashion recommendations, Sustainably Chic is a passionate voice in the slow fashion and sustainability movements. Founder Natalie Kay brings a fresh perspective to the garment industry, and dives into the latest trends and styles for what responsible fashion could look like. Her community is an amazing mix of fashion enthusiasts and conscious consumers who believe in investing in people and the earth for a positive impact. If that resonates with you too, you'll feel at home with Sustainably Chic. 

3. Life + Style + Justice

Life + Style + Justice - 10 Ethical & Sustainable Living Blogs to Inspire Every Day

Life + Style + Justice is influencer Hannah's outlet for navigating ethical and fair trade brands while staying true to her values. More than most bloggers, she digs deep into the behind-the-scenes of artisan wages and even travels to social enterprises in Southeast Asia. We love the raw, honest perspective she gives to the nitty gritty, researching beyond the marketing and certifications to the first-hand experience of real people. 

4. EcoCult

EcoCult - 10 Ethical & Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs to Inspire Every Day

We love EcoCult as a hub for everything conscious in travel, fashion, beauty, food and home decor. Editor Alden Wicker is a lively and engaging voice in the green living movement, with mind-opening knowledge to share. From visiting artisans around the world to researching affordable ways to shop ethically, she offers practical ways to make conscious living easier. For a fun read about sustainable living, give EcoCult a look.

5. Old World New 

Old World New - 10 Ethical & Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs to Inspire Every Day

Old World New is a sustainable living blog started by thrifter and fashion lover Addie as a place to offer practical alternatives to overconsumption, waste and plastic. We love her thoughtful philosophy of human beings first, and sustainable living second. Her writing takes in mind nuances and strives to be inclusive to people of different cultures, skin tones and backgrounds. Check out Old World New for eco-friendly lifestyle inspiration that's accessible and celebrates diversity.

6. The Good Trade

The Good Trade - 10 Ethical Lifestyle and Sustainable Living Blogs to Inspire

We've long been fans of The Good Trade and their thoughtful pieces around conscious living, self-care, ethical shopping, and slow fashion! Based in Los Angeles and covering everything from beauty and wellness to culture, they are a lively resource for anyone looking to switch to ethically-made alternatives. We love reading their meaningful and inspiring ways to give back. For weekly doses of inspiration and curated lists of ethical products, add The Good Trade to your inbox.


ADIMAY - 10 Ethical Lifestyle Blogs and Sustainability Blogs to Inspire Every Day

Passionate about justice as much as sustainability, founder Aditi Mayer curates ADIMAY with a critical and curious eye. Touching on fashion, ethical living and cultural representation, her pieces inspire a deeper look into sustainability. We love her focus on bringing diversity and women of color to the forefront of sustainable spaces and conversations. For a thought-provoking read, check out one of ADIMAY's pieces on Culture. 

8. Eco Warrior Princess 

Ecowarrior Princess - 10 Ethical and Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs to Follow

Eco Warrior Princess offers some of the most diverse eco-living content out there. Their writers are actively redefining what it means to live sustainably. We love the clever twists and unique insights each writer brings to the conversation. Written by environmental activists and eco fashion advocates, Eco Warrior Princess is a great place for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of ethical living.

9. Reading My Tea Leaves  

Reading my Tea Leaves - 10 Ethical Lifestyle, Slow Living and Sustainable Blogs to Inspire Every Day

Reading My Tea Leaves is a whimsical, slow living blog written for parents, city-lovers and environment enthusiasts. As a mom of two little ones in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, Erin Boyle dedicates time to discovering DIY decor projects, minimalist living tips and natural beauty essentials. Her to-do lists are always full of humor and relatable, with practical ways to live more sustainably and say no to plastic. If you're ready for inspiration on making small shifts in your habits, definitely give Reading My Tea Leaves a follow.

10. Shae Necessities 

Shae Necessities - 10 Ethical and Sustainable Lifestyle Blogs to Inspire Every Day

For a plethora of curated, conscious living inspiration, Shae Necessities is a wonderful resource to turn to. We love writer Shae Burns's down-to-earth voice and her curated guides to finding eco-chic alternatives for fashion, beauty and health. As a dog mom living in San Diego and Orange County, Shae is passionate about pursuing an ethical lifestyle and documents her journey and advice in the process. For a thoughtful and elevated look into conscious living, head over to Shae Necessities.

We love each of these ethical lifestyle blogs for how they advocate for sustainable living and offer simple ways to make a difference. It's what we try to do ourselves, personally! As a social enterprise, we're honored to work with women artisans and refugees in our studio and see as they shape a brighter future with opportunity. We believe that together consumers and brands have the collective power to grow this movement and do lasting good.

Of course, there are so many more ethical and sustainable bloggers than we could list here. Let us know any we missed in the comments below!

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