She Inspires Candle - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women that Support Women

8 Empowering Gifts for Strong Women

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In honor of International Women's Day, we're sharing some of our favorite empowering gifts that give back to women worldwide. Time after time, women have shown their ability to make a difference in the world time, and they deserve to be recognized. 

Brands that give back to women always inspire us, so each year we also like to share a few of our favorites. These empowering gifts for women are ethically made and support women. Beyond a meaningful and beautiful design, these gifts go to the heart of equality and empowerment by supporting women makers, the environment, and artisan communities at every step in the supply chain. This means lifting an artisan and her family out of poverty with dignified employment and a fair wage, providing education and leadership training, or donating to women’s and girls’ organizations with every purchase.

We love how each of these mindful brands are creating ripples of real, meaningful change and are committed to supporting women. So here it is! Enjoy this curated list of empowering gifts for women that make an impact on lives and communities around the world, not just on a single day or month but all year-round.

1. Akola

Akola - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women that Support Women on Prosperity Candle Blog

These stunning statement earrings, necklaces and vibrant bracelets are handcrafted by women in Uganda using naturally occurring and upcycled local materials. Akola employs nearly 200 women artisans with living wages and dignified job opportunities to reach economic independence. Their holistic support program Akola Academy transforms their lives with financial literacy and leadership training, keeping their kids in school and their community thriving.

2. Harper Wilde

Harper Wilde - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women that Support Women on Prosperity Candle blog

Harper Wilde is committed to supporting girls and women with their quality, everyday comfort bras that are designed to do more, from ethical practices in the supply chain to meaningful partnerships. A portion of every purchase goes to Girls, Inc. to support girls' education and mentorship. They traveled overseas to meet manufacturers in person, and verify that they are committed to empowering women in the workplace, with a gender equality program, education and skills training to further their economic stability and independence. Of all their gorgeous practical designs, we love their Take Up Space bra!

3. Prosperity Candle

Prosperity Candle - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women that Support Women

Yes, that's us! Every Prosperity Candle is handpoured by a woman who is creating a brighter future for her family in the U.S. after living many years as a refugee. Her new beginning is possible with meaningful employment, a living wage, and a supportive environment. We are proud to be a certified B Corporation, and strive to bring positive social and environmental change. Our She Inspires Candle is a reflection of the fearless women we have come to know and our collective efforts for a brighter, more equal world.

4. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women that Support Women

This diverse, bright collection of upcycled activewear and leggings is making a real difference for women and the environment alike with a large range of sizes beyond the industry norm and gorgeous body-positive imagery. Girlfriend Collective creates their stretchy and lightweight material from recycled water bottles with their partner ECONYL to keep plastic out of the oceans. Even more, all of their activewear is ethically hand-sewn and third party verified for a safe, living wage workplace in their Vietnam facilities supporting the artisans who make them.

5. Raven & Lily

Raven & Lily - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women to Support Women on Prosperity Candle blog

Raven & Lily strives to empower women artisans with fair trade wages, education, and access to healthcare. Their beautifully handcrafted clutches, totes, necklaces and earrings are handmade by artisans in Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Morocco, Peru, Mexico, and the U.S. Because each is made with recycled and repurposed materials, their gifts truly "thread lightly on the planet."

6. Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women that Give Back and Support Women

Female founded and focused on women, this timeless collection of designer wardrobe essentials uses organic cotton and ethically sources from artisan workshops in Peru, China, Japan, India and the U.S. Eileen Fisher is a leader in conscious fashion and is certified B Corp for social and environmental good. By partnering with independent fair labor nonprofits like Verité, every scarf and sweater supports fair wages and a safe workplace while helping combat forced and child labor worldwide. We love their newly launched project with Girlgaze to support changemaking women! 

7. The Little Market

The Little Market - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women that Support Women

If you're looking for empowering gifts made by women, The Little Market is the place for you! Their online shop features fair trade totes, home decor, dining accessories, and custom candles that honor women artisans and give back to communities. We love co-founders Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla's beautiful style and deep commitment to women. Every ethically-made gift shares the story of those artisan partners and where they are in the world.


ABLE - 8 Empowering Gifts for Women that Support Women on Prosperity Candle blog

ABLE is putting transparency and women artisans first in the fashion industry. Their handcrafted jackets, shoes, bags and necklaces are handmade by women in Ethiopia and Nashville with a focus on living wages, equality and safety. They even publish their lowest wages on their site! With their B Corp certification, we love their mission of creating opportunities around the world to help end the cycle of generational poverty.

Each of us has the power to transform the lives of women around the world simply with how we shop. We are inspired by the brands out there that empower and support women at every step. Let us know your favorite empowering gifts for women in the comments below!

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