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6 Cozy & Sustainable Holiday Home Decor Ideas

As we prepare for a season that typically centers on closeness with loved ones, we must acknowledge that 2020 has been especially difficult. In the midst of the very real challenges this year has presented, our thoughts are with those who have lost a loved one and are continuing to face hardships.

For the weeks ahead, we would like to offer some ideas that can help recreate the sense of joy and feeling of togetherness many of us are wishing for during this time. Small acts like hanging a family photo or adding cozy touches to our homes can give our spirits a much-needed lift. And if you are able to prioritize sustainable holiday decorating ideas, it's an extra gift to your family and to the planet.

To help get you started, we put together a list of six of our favorite sustainable holiday decor ideas. As a studio full of candle-lovers, we naturally have included lots of candlelight.

1. Set the table

Set the table | 6 Holiday Decor Ideas for a Cozy & Sustainable Home

Focusing your holiday decor ideas on your dining room table is a simple way to shift your space away from the everyday and create a cozy holiday atmosphere. Even if you’re having a smaller gathering than usual this year, setting the table with a festive cloth and a candle centerpiece with some pinecones and greenery makes the day feel special. Break out your cloth napkins, the fancy plates, and your best silverware to add some extra polish to what might otherwise feel like an ordinary meal.

Achieve a gorgeous, clean and elegant combination with our triple wick Dunes candle in bronze and white. Gathering around its warm glow to share a delicious meal and swap favorite stories is a heartwarming way to spend the holidays.

2. Cozy up with a tea station

Cozy up with a tea or hot cocoa station | 6 Holiday Decor Ideas for a Cozy & Sustainable Home

Now that the days are colder, drinking a hot cup of tea will lift your spirits and keep you warm! And brewing a pot of tea shouldn’t be a chore. Lean into the calmness of this ritual by setting up your own dedicated tea station in your dining room or living room. A few festive mugs, an electric kettle, and a selection of your favorite seasonal herbal teas combines cozy holiday home decor ideas with practical purpose! 

Get a head start on your perfect tea station with our Ceremony Tea gift set, pairing our golden Mezo candle in your choice of scent with hand-blended loose leaf tea to create a cozy corner that evokes the warmth and peace of the holidays. 

Tea not your thing? Consider a hot cocoa station in your kitchen instead, with a candle and fair trade chocolate from Divine Chocolate to create a cozy atmosphere. Unwind from the stress of the holidays in the glow of warm candlelight with a sip of a delicious hot beverage.

3. Repurpose year-round decor

Repurpose existing decor | 6 Holiday Decor Ideas for a Cozy & Sustainable Home

When contemplating holiday decor ideas, it can feel like we have to choose between helping the environment by limiting consumption and supporting our favorite local businesses with a few extra purchases. But you can do both. It’s likely that you already have much of what you need and many of the items in your house can be repurposed into holiday and seasonal decor. Start by doing a full inventory - make sure you check the backyard for pine cones and greenery to use as accents - and see what’s still missing. 

Now that you’ve got a solid foundation for your holiday decor, bring the space together with brands that share your values and create high quality reusable products. At Prosperity Candle, we always design with repurposing in mind. Our rustic brass Delphi candle is the perfect addition to a cozy holiday scene and becomes a beautiful flower planter once the candle is finished for a lifetime of enjoyment (we include wildflower seeds).

4. Go for a festive living room 

Go for a festive living room | 6 Holiday Decor Ideas for a Cozy & Sustainable Home

More of our celebrating will happen online this year, so it’s the perfect time for holiday decor ideas that translate well in the digital world. Designate an area in your living room to focus your decorating energy, maybe it’s the fireplace or the wall behind your couch, and give that spot special attention so your holiday photos will spark joy in all who see them.

If you’ll be gathering on video chat with your loved ones from the sofa, consider draping a cozy throw blanket across the back or hanging a garland to create a festive environment for your calls. Or for families with active group message threads, a Winter Tree candle covered mantlepiece can be a cheery backdrop for the family photos you’ll be sharing.

With holiday decor ideas like these, we can spread the joy of the season to our loved ones in each physical and digital interaction.

5. Craft sustainable decorations

Craft sustainable decorations | 6 Holiday Decor Ideas for a Cozy & Sustainable Home

The holidays are a traditional time for craft projects (especially if you have children), and crafting decorations together as a family is a great activity and sustainable holiday decorating idea. Instead of buying a plastic garland, consider stringing popcorn and cranberries on undyed twine. Recyclable butcher paper in a soft brown hue can serve as a great material for holiday home decor as streamers of gingerbread men, dreidels and snowflakes.

Bring the forest’s tranquility into your space by weaving boughs into festive wall decorations or, for advanced crafters, carving a log into a candle-holding centerpiece for the table. You can use pinecones from your backyard to craft a natural wreath for the front door or above the fireplace. Choosing holiday and seasonal decor that celebrates natural textures and can be composted when the holiday has passed means you can enjoy the fun again next year!

6. Create joy with scents

Create joy with scent | 6 Holiday Decor Ideas for a Cozy & Sustainable Home

It might not feel quite like a holiday decor idea, but creating a cozy atmosphere that smells like your favorite candles is an easy way to transform your space without having to do any heavy lifting. For a cozy ambiance, we love these Happiness candles that bathe a room in warm light and a sense of joy, relaxation and friendship - what they call "hygge" in Denmark. We paired the perfect fragrances with beloved destinations so that you can feel like you’re traveling this winter even as you continue to stay at home.

Especially for homes with pets or small children, reed diffusers are a wonderful way to gently scent your home throughout the day without the need for a flame or plug-in. Let the fragrance of your favorite place slowly evaporate through these undyed, sustainably harvested rattan reeds and transport you to your favorite holiday memories. 

Maybe you’re longing for the cozy warmth of chai tea, the musky spice of amber & bergamot, or the bold freshness of citrus & white tea. Peruse our full collection of scents to find the one that most clearly evokes seasonal joy for you. 

Decorating your home for the holidays is one tradition you don’t need to skip this year. These holiday and seasonal decor ideas will help you amplify the seasonal cheer and find comfort in the steady passage of time. We're always on the lookout for more holiday home decor ideas that give back to the environment. Share your favorite sustainable decorations with us in the comments below!

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