Unique & Custom Candle Scents


Our Scents, Poured to Order

Our custom scented candles create a wonderfully distinctive ambiance, are phthalate-free and made with essential oils to burn beautifully and cleanly. Each candle is lovingly handpoured by one of our women artisans. To learn more about who pours our custom scented candles, check out our Meet the Artisans page. 

From the more than 250 unique scented candles we pour throughout the year, these are our absolute favorites. 

Amber & Bergamot

Warm and inviting, amber and bergamot combined with subtle notes of geranium, black cardamom, sandalwood and eucalyptus.

Citronella & Lemongrass

Refreshing lemongrass blended with essential oils of citronella, eucalyptus and geranium with a top note of lemon peel. This bright citrus combination is known to help ward off bugs and pairs perfectly with outdoor gatherings.

Coastal Seagrass

Clean and refreshing, gentle notes of salty seagrass and ocean water mingle with a hint of sweet coastal air… a blend that will transport you to a faraway shore with calming waves.

French Lavender & Vanilla

Sweet and refreshing, French lavender and classic vanilla bean are paired to create this elegant and deeply comforting scent. The perfect balance of two soothing favorites.

Palo Santo & Vanilla Bean

An enticing woodsy blend of sandalwood, vanilla, black pepper, clove, tonka bean and patchouli that is deeply warm and reminiscent of the distinctive palo santo trees native to Peru and Venezuela*.


*This fragrance is not sourced from palo santo trees

Rosemary & Lemon Zest

Fresh herbal and citrus notes mingle together in this bright zesty blend of rosemary with lemon peel… a scent that refreshes and inspires a renewed sense of energy.

Sweet Orange & Oud

Wonderfully indulgent and smooth, citrus notes of sweet orange, tart bergamot and zesty lemon are nicely balanced with the warm distinctiveness of cedar and oud wood to captivate the senses.

White Lily & Rose

Delightfully fresh and light, white lilies and rose combine with subtle notes of violet leaves, red berries, mandarin zest and light musk to transport you to your favorite garden.

White Tea & Citrus

An uplifting blend of white tea, bergamot, fig and fresh jasmine combined with a subtle hint of soft sandalwood... delightfully light and exuberant.


Completely fragrance-free.
Perfect for centerpieces, dinner candles and those who prefer no scent.

Looking for another scent or past favorite?

We probably have it! If you don't see the one you're looking for, and you remember we've had it at one point, choose unscented and let us know in your gift note which scent you're looking for. We'll make the magic happen and create you a custom scented candle!


Want to test our candle scents before you purchase? No problem! Check out our free scent samplers.



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