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10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas That Give Back

Mothers are incredible, and there are so many are unsung heroes who lend a hand to people in need. With Mother’s Day approaching, we are celebrating these women – and everyone who helps and nurtures those in need. 

We’ve rounded up 10 amazing Mother's Day gift ideas that will make you the apple of your mom’s eye (or your grandma’s eye, or even your mother-in-law’s eye) – they’re not only pretty to look at, but also all do good in the world!

1. You're Awesome Gift Set

Tell Mom she's great with the You're Awesome candle gift set

Tell her she's great with the You're Awesome Gift Set. For any candle lover who needs to be celebrated, we paired the Azul Brush Candle with an elegant wick trimmer and inspirational pop-up cards for a Mother's Day gift that give back 

2. She Inspires Gift Set

Give the She Inspires Gift Set this year for a socially conscious mother's day gift idea

Treat your mom to the spa-inspired She Inspires Gift Set. This is a great Mother's Day gift that gives back for every mom who deserves to be celebrated for who they are. Choose the candle that reflects her spirit: Queen, Persist, Fearless or Fierce. Paired with a silky bath tea, it's a gift of empowerment and relaxation!

3. Greek Love Candles

Give thoughtful mother's day gifts with the Greek Love candles collection

Commemorate your devotion to your mom with a candle that celebrates familial love! Inscribed in metallic silver on bright colors, our Greek Love Candles share the wonderful attributes of four Greek words for love. Choose Storge for a focus on family or Philia to highlight you and your mom's friendship!

4. Morning Calm

Calming gift ideas for mom to inspire happy memories and relaxation

Encourage your mom to begin her day with a calming ritual with our Morning Calm Gift Set. Lighting a candle and filling her shower with lovely aromatic shower steamers creates a relaxing moment even on the busiest day. Choose from our three Tranquility aromatherapy candles - Calm, Bliss or Harmony - to gift a peaceful state of mind.

5. Terrace Collection

Outdoor patio Terrace Collection Candles | Discover thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas for mom this year

Inspired by beautiful outdoor spaces, our Terrace Collection Candles enhance home decor inside and out! Liven up any room in your mom's house or her favorite patio, porch, or garden space with these colorful candles. The perfect gift for the mom who gardens, each candle includes wildflower seed paper to transform into a beautiful flower pot when the candle is finished.

6. Candle Lover Gift Set

Shop the Candle Lover Gift Set for thoughtful gifts for moms and grandmas

Give your mom a long-lasting gift that will fill a room with her favorite scents and then transform into a beautiful planter pot once the wax is gone with the included wildflower seed paper. Each Candle Lover Gift Set features an elegant Marbella Candle, a wick trimmer, and an inspirational quote matchbox to round out the perfect gift for mom.

7. Liberte Pot Candles

Shop the colorful candles for gift ideas for moms, grandmas, mother-in-laws, and more this Mother's Day

These colorful candles are a bright addition to any kitchen window sill or patio. Send the mother figures in your life a reminder that you're thinking of them with a gift that gives back. Paired with wildflower seed paper to transform the candle into a planter pot, the Liberte Pot Candles are the perfect Mother's Day gift to inspire joy. 

8. Personalized Candles

Create a personalized candle gift for Mother's Day

Write a special message on a Personalized Candle for thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas that give back. Let her know you're thinking of her with a heartfelt note, inside joke, or her favorite quote for a Mother's Day gift idea she's sure to love.  

9. Courage Collection

Courage Collection Candles to celebrate Mother's Day and give back to women

Our Courage Collection Candles are a beautiful reminder of bravery for mothers this Mother's Day. Choose a Rise, Thrive, or Dare candle as a powerful symbol to celebrate her strength and determination. As an added note of compassion, 10% of sales from every Courage Collection candle is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). 

10. Gratitude and Kindness Gift Set

Gratitude and Kindness Gift Set celebrates Mother's Day with thoughtful gifts for mom

Express your appreciation for your mother with the Gratitude and Kindness Gourmet Gift Set. This thoughtful Mother's Day gift idea gives back and combines our signature Burmese Gratitude and Kindness candles and delicious artisan-made chocolate bars. A great gift for the mom who enjoys delicious treats by candlelight. 

Honor the mother-like figures in your life with a Mother's Day gift that gives back. Each gift comes with a customized note and gift wrapping, so this Mother's Day you can simply choose a gift and leave the rest to us!

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