Tin Tin

Tin Tin a Burmese refugee makes handcrafted fair trade soy blend artisan candles at Propserity Candle
"I have a dream for my children. This is that my children will educationist and businessmen."

Tin Tin grew up in the city of Tvy, Myanmar. At the young age of 14, she found herself responsible for taking care of her younger brother and managing her mother's grocery store after both her parents died unexpectedly.

In 2006, Tin Tin and her husband were taken from their children and forced to work for the militia. Then several years later, they were offered the opportunity to resettle in the United States through a UN refugee program. And after 4 years of tireless effort, her sons were finally able to join them.

Today she shares a home with her husband and two sons in Massachusetts. She joined Prosperity Candle in May 2020. Tin Tin’s dream is for her sons to have a good education and become businessmen.


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