Tha Paw

Tha Paw a Burmese woman makes handcrafted soy blend fair trade candles at Prosperity Candle
"My greatest joy is seeing my children thrive."

Tha’s earliest memories are of Burmese soldiers burning down her house and fleeing into the jungle with her family and neighbors. For the next seven years, they moved from village to village, hiding and searching for a safe place to live.

Finally arriving in a refugee camp in Thailand, Tha took care of her elderly mother while her siblings took classes, thus further limiting her education. While in the camp, she met and married her husband with whom she has three children. They were finally safe, but opportunities were limited.

Then they were given the chance to relocate to the United States and settle among other Burmese refugees in western Massachusetts. Today Tha is a part-time candle-maker at Prosperity Candle and thankful for the freedom, security and opportunities she and her husband now have. 

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