Sai Aye

Sai Aye Burmese refugee makes handcrafted soy blend fair trade candles at Prosperity Candle
"Someday I hope to visit my parents and siblings who are still in the refugee camp."

Born along the Burmese-Thai border in 1990, Sai Aye spent her first 10 years moving from village to village with her family to find safety, food and shelter. Her parents had fled their ancestral home years earlier to escape persecution by the Burmese military regime.

In 2000, Sai’s family found security in a refugee camp.  Sai registered with the UNHCR and in 2011 was given the opportunity to relocate to the U.S., leaving her parents and siblings behind.

Though she had learned some English, Sai found language to be the biggest challenge of moving here.  Fortunately, she met other Karen speakers and a broader community that offered support. “This is a good place. Everything is close, and it is quiet and safe.”

Sai joined Prosperity Candle part-time in 2015, and today is a full-time member of our small team, helping Moo Kho to manage production.

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