Sabato makes handcrafted fair trade soy blend artisan candles at Propserity Candle
"I want my kids to grow up to help me. I also want them to speak good English."

Sabato was born in the small town of Ruberizi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and lived there with her family until she left at the age of seven. In 2002, she escaped war-torn DRC with her grandmother, who carried her on her back to safety while crossing the Ruzizi River. Once in Burundi, she and her grandmother found a home in a refugee camp for the next 16 years.

Today, Sabato lives in her own home in Northampton, Massachusetts where her children attend school. She joined Prosperity Candle in September 2020 to provide for her family. Sabato appreciates how safe she feels in her new town. Her dream is to see her children grow up to be helpful and speak English well.


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