Poe, resettled Burmese refugee makes handcrafted ethical coconut soy candles at Prosperity Candle
"I want my kids to finish school and have a better life."

Born in Myanmar, Poe has happy memories playing and working in the rice fields with her siblings while her parents worked. At five years old, she and her family escaped escalating violence from the military.

Along with her parents and four siblings, Poe lived in a Thai refugee camp with limited freedoms for over 13 years. She attended school, and in 2007, Poe and her family were offered the opportunity to relocate to the United States through a UNHCR program.

Today Poe shares a home in Massachusetts with her husband and four sons. She joined Prosperity Candle in May 2021 to provide for her family. Her dream is to see her children finish school and find good work.


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