Madeleine makes handcrafted fair trade soy blend artisan candles at Propserity Candle
"My happiest memory is the day my daughter was born."

Madeleine was born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As the youngest girl of eight children, she has great memories of growing up in a busy home with many extended family members coming and going.

In 2017, Madeleine brought her two young children to the United States. She juggled attending English classes, working at a local restaurant and taking care of her family. Madeleine joined the Prosperity Candle team in September 2020.

Today Madeleine and her children live in western Massachusetts, where she feels connected to a larger Congolese community. She loves the calm and appreciates that her children are receiving a good education. One day Madeleine hopes to become a geriatric nurse.



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