Fatuma makes handcrafted fair trade soy blend artisan candles at Propserity Candle
"My dream is to see my child grow up and to be an American citizen."

Fatuma was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as the youngest of six siblings. She and her family left to escape the war when she was just one year old.

Living in Burundi, she has fond memories of working at her mom’s restaurant. While there, Fatuma earned her high school diploma and eventually met her husband and had a daughter. In 2018, her family was offered the opportunity to relocate to the U.S. Her husband stayed behind and currently plays for Burundi’s national soccer team.

Today Fatuma shares a home in Massachusetts with her daughter, siblings, nieces and nephews. She joined Prosperity Candle in November 2020. Her dream is to become a U.S. citizen along with her daughter. She hopes her child grows up to be well educated and gets a good-paying job.


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