Working with Partners In Health to Empower Haiti

Our team is proud to be teaming up with Partners In Health to support their work in Haiti by offering them a 10% donation of every Spirit of Resilience Candle. Our team attended their “Remember, Reflect & Respond: Haiti One Year Later” event on January 14th in Boston to sit with others to mourn all of the tragedies in Haiti and honor those that have worked so hard to make a difference. An evening filled with tears, heartbreak, laughter & singing, it truly was a celebration of resilience.

Photo credit: Lee Cohen & IMA World Health

The Partners In Health event many to share their stories of experiencing the earthquake, while others spoke about the tragedy they encountered while providing medical relief services. It is troubling to learn about the many unmet needs that Haiti still has. The earthquake’s destruction will have negative repercussions on the  country for many years. But we can make a difference by supporting Haiti in different ways.

The Spirit of Resilience Candle from Haiti & Iraq

Charity is needed in Haiti, undoubtedly, but so is entrepreneurship. That’s why we’ve decided to support both types of initiatives with one simple product. Our Spirit of Resilience Candle offers you the opportunity to support a female Haitian entrepreneur working to rebuild her community through the creation of beautiful candle accessories and Partners In Health’s relief work. You can also reach across the world to support an Iraqi woman entrepreneur who is making candles – all with one simple purchase.  It is gift that gives back to women (& their communities) throughout the world and celebrates the resilience in us all.

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