9 Ethical And Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

9 Ethical And Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

No matter how you celebrate Valentine's Day, one aspect remains the same: the importance of recognizing the relationships that fill us with joy and compassion.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the loved ones in your life with caring gifts that do good from the moment they’re made to the moment they’re unwrapped. It’s the perfect day to remind people how much you cherish and appreciate them. And you can show them you value sustainability and local economies by choosing ethical Valentine’s gifts from small businesses that give back.

We love how each of these gifts support real, meaningful change and are committed to uplifting the artisans who make them. So here it is! Enjoy this curated list of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts that make a positive impact on lives and communities around the world.

1. For the friend with a sweet tooth

Sweet Inspiration Gift Set | Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Romantic and Ethical Gifts

We all deserve a little indulgence this time of year. Choose decadent and ethical Valentine’s gifts for your chocolate-loving friends from Prosperity Candle. Our Sweet Inspiration Gift Set celebrates women’s empowerment by pairing our She Inspires candle with fair trade dark chocolate bars for a delicious gift that gives back.

2. For the mom who puts family first

Greek Love Candles | Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Romantic and Ethical Gifts

It can feel like you need to go all out with romantic gifts on Valentine’s Day, but it’s also a great opportunity to show others in your life your appreciation and gratitude. Inscribed in metallic silver on bright colors, one of our Greek Love Candles is the perfect thoughtful and ethical Valentine’s gift for mom. Each celebrates a different kind of love... affection for a parent, a close friend, your sweetheart, or someone who simply deserves kindness and compassion. Pair the Philia and Storge candles for mom to celebrate your friendship and familial bond.

3. For the husband who’s getting into mindfulness

Thread Spun Tennyson Journal | Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Romantic and Ethical Gifts

It can be easy to forget the importance of focusing on what we have to be grateful for, and a gratitude journal is a great Valentine’s Day gift for a husband or anyone who has been finding relief in mindfulness practices. Encourage journaling with Thread Spun’s Tennyson Journal. This handmade leather journal supports resettled refugee women artisans in San Diego, CA. Make your Valentine’s day gift idea for him even more meaningful by tucking a hand-written love letter between its pages.

4. For the wife who breaks for afternoon tea

Ceremony Tea Gift Set | Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Romantic and Ethical Gifts

We love it when women celebrate themselves with self care! Choose a Valentine’s Day gift for your wife or partner that shows you do too... like our Ceremony Tea Gift Set that pairs our golden Mezo candle with a delicious herbal tea blend from Black woman-owned Adjourn Teahouse. Turn this thoughtful gift into a romantic Valentine’s Day gift by penning a love note to read as they sip their tea.

5. For the friend who deserves a moment of relaxation

Peace of Mind Gift Set | Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Romantic and Ethical Gifts

Take a moment to value moments of peace and calm. Show your bestie how much you appreciate having them in your life with ethical Valentine’s gifts that will ease their mind. Create a mini oasis for them with our Peace of Mind Gift Set that pairs our handpoured Arden candle in their favorite scent with a soothing air plant.

6. For the girlfriend striving for social change

Starfish Project Give Joy Gold Bar Necklace | Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Romantic and Ethical Gifts

Nothing is more romantic than showing your girlfriend you share her values. The Starfish Project’s Joy Bar Necklace is ultra-chic, sleek, and versatile enough to pair with just about anything in her closet. Plus she’ll love knowing you chose a meaningful and romantic Valentine’s gift that uplifts women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia.

7. For the one who needs a boost

Coffee Lover Gift Set | 9 Ethical and Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts

Show the coffee lover in your life how much you appreciate them with a Coffee Lover Gift Set. Bring the delicious café aroma home, paired with black sea salt caramels and chocolate covered espresso beans. This ethical Valentine's gift is a delightful way to celebrate your favorite coffee lover. 

8. For the girlfriend who loves the spa

Lavender Retreat Gift Set | Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Romantic and Ethical Gifts

Treat your girlfriend with a romantic Valentine’s gift for her that shows you really know what she needs. In lieu of an in-person spa day, go all out for a spa day at home with our Lavender Retreat Gift Set. The peppermint-chamomile essential oil roller, and lavender bath tablet and handpoured candle pair for a soothing experience that is sure to delight.

9. For the guy with back-to-back virtual meetings

Knotty Tie Company's Illusion Geometric Tie | Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 9 Romantic and Ethical Gifts

Many of us have been introduced to the remote working lifestyle this year. Refresh the work wardrobe of your husband, boyfriend or any guy in your life with one of Knotty Tie Company’s quirky ties made from recycled plastic bottles. This Valentine’s day gift idea for him will breathe joy into his endless video conference calls and benefit a good cause! Each tie sold helps refugee staff at Knotty Tie Company achieve economic self sufficiency for themselves and their families.

Whether you are looking for friends, family, or a romantic partner, ethical Valentine’s Day gifts are an opportunity to show affection and lift up brands that make a real difference for women and refugees. We know this list is only the beginning... there are so many more socially conscious brands out there doing good for the world and communities in need.

Which ethical Valentine’s gift inspires you to give back? Let us know in the comments below!

Women artisans of Prosperity with handmade candles in our studio.

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