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Top 10 Empowering Events for Women


When you invest in a woman, change happens.  Because when a woman thrives, a family thrives, a community prospers, an entire nation creates the foundations for peace and prosperity. That is what we believe. At Prosperity Candle we invest in women in places like Haiti, Iraq, Rwanda and here in the U.S. because we seek change.  All of our candles and gifts are handmade by women refugees, so with every purchase made from Prosperity Candle you are supporting a cause.

We are not alone. People all over the world are focusing on the power of women to create big and lasting change.  Recently Fast Company published its League of Extraordinary Women who are helping to change the lives of girls and women around the world.

How can you get involved? Reach out to women’s groups in your area and connect with like-minded people.  Here is a list of upcoming events that inspire us to create change for women around the world.

1. Passion Into Action (Oct. 12): See Jane Do partnered with Gather the Women of Nevada County to launch this conference in 2010.  Passion Into Action showcases everyday women who are doing extraordinary things for people and the planet.  This year the event is on October 12th through 14th and provides tools to assist women of small towns to be leaders within their communities.  Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for inspiring content and updates.

2. Women’s Summit (Nov.): This inspiring event is being held this November in New York City in partnership with Dell. With a focus on women business owners, the summit delivers valuable tips for entrepreneurship. Connect with other passionate businesswomen through Twitter and Facebook.

3. Women Moving Millions Phase II Launch (Sept. 20): This amazing community of women grants millions to organizations and initiatives that support women and girls around the world. Women Moving Millions has partnered with the Women’s Funding Network and its member funds to launch a second phase campaign on September 20th in New York City.  At the heart of this partnership is the belief that the investment in women is essential to building a better world. Connect with this empowering community on Twitter and Facebook.

4. Women in Innovation (Sept. 22): This September in Seattle, women will gather at this summit to further develop themselves as innovators in technology and catalysts for social change. They have partnered with over twenty individuals, companies and organizations to create this series of thought-provoking presentations.  Join WINS on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook.

5. Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit (Oct. 1): This event, held in California on October 1st -3rd, is proof of the growing community surrounding Fortune’s annual Most Powerful Women list. The most prominent women in business, government, academia, and the arts will gather to converse, learn, and share ideas.  The summit is sponsored by over ten companies including Coca Cola and Deloitte. Learn more about the incredible women attending this conference on Facebook and Twitter.

6. Trust Women Conference (Dec. 4): Created by Thomas Reuters Foundation and the International Herald Tribune, this event brings together thought leaders and innovators to develop solutions to current problems facing women. Trust Women encourages partnerships and collaboration through the connection of legal expertise with financial, technological, and education resources. Get to know the organization through Twitter.

7. Success! A Summit for Entrepreneur Women (Oct. 5): Today’s Innovative Woman is gathering over 150 successful women entrepreneurs on October 5th in Los Angeles for their 4th annual event. It features a panel of expert speakers including Joy Chudacoff of Smart Women Smart Solutions. The Accelerate Success workshop is also offered that helps women entrepreneurs design business plans. Meet them on Facebook and Twitter.

8. Run for Congo Women (Oct. 8 and other dates): This global walk/run movement was started by Women for Women International (one of our partners) to provide support and aid to women survivors of war. The program works to provide financial aid, job training, rights awareness, and leadership education.  This event will be held in Boston, but there are many other walks held all over the country, as well. Check here and follow more of their updates on Twitter.

9. Women’s Donor Network Conference (Nov. 8): This organization is dedicated to collaborating with powerful women to solve problems of injustice and inequality. Their 2012 conference will be held from November 8th to 11th in Miami, Florida. Donna Brazile is the keynote speaker focused on how we can create a fair and just economy. Follow the Women’s Donor Network on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

10. International Women’s Forum Leadership Conference (Oct. 24): This conference draws women from over 50 countries, connecting leaders to create a more equitable world. The International Women’s Forum holds global events, and this year’s U.S. conferences are in San Francisco on October 24th to 26th and Atlanta on October 29th through 31st. In partnership with Walmart, State Farm, IBM and many others.

Bonus! Do you know TEDTalks? They’re awesome. The first TEDWomen event was held in 2010 in Washington DC and included great presentations by Gloria Steinem, Dr. Oz, Jane Fonda and many more. This year they are getting even bigger with TEDxWomen.

11. TEDxWomen (Nov. 30): TEDxWomen looks to continue the tradition of “spreading ideas worth sharing” by webcasting the event live to regional host events that will also include local speakers. The webcast and events will take place on Friday, November 30th, and Saturday, December 1st. If you are interested in attending TEDxWomen, follow on Twitter for news and information.  Don’t miss it! 

Thank you for taking the time to support events that, like Prosperity Candle, believe in investing in the empowerment of women all over the world. Learn more about our mission and how every purchase from Prosperity Candle supports women artisans building a brighter future.

We’d love feedback on this list. Have you been to any of the events listed? Did we miss any inspiring events? Please let us know in the comments below.


Prosperity Candle is a social enterprise supporting refugees and artisans through candle making. We are passionate about ethically made goods that can help us live a more sustainable lifestyle. From our sustainable soy and coconut wax candles and reusable jars and tins, we practice what we want to see in the world. Learn more about our mission at Prosperity Candles and how we empower women artisans. Shop candles handmade by our women artisans to inspire others in your life.

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Oluwatoyin Mixon

This is good information and great resource for budding women empowerment organization.


I love this article. Thank you

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Cynthia Good

PINK Event on October 31st featuring America’s Top Women in Business!

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Vivian Iyke-obi

I’m a female cobbler in Nigeria. Having worked as a banker for 9yrs, I voluntarily resigned and took to footwear making which is my passion – see instagram handle @hurricanevivian.

I’m passionate about speaking and encouraging/challenging women artisans.

Do you need speakers for your women events? I’m available.

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