The perfect fit for non-profit appreciation gifts: A testimony from Root Cause

We continue our series focusing on why our partners and clients choose to work with us this week with a guest post from our partner, Root Cause, an awesome non-profit doing incredible pioneering work around social impact research and fostering innovation across sectors (just like us, they are driven by a passion for shaping the future of social problem solving!).

They recently ordered custom candles as appreciation gifts for event speakers, major donors and key stakeholders, and had the following to share about the experience:

“I am always on the hunt for special gifts to give our clients, partners, vendors as a thank you for their support and work. The tricky part is finding a gift that clients will actually use.  

Root Cause custom candle design

As a non-profit focused on advancing solutions to today’s toughest social issues, it’s also important that gifts are branded well, inexpensive, and socially conscious.  

While the appreciation gifts and promotional products you give out may seem insignificant, I have to say that it makes a huge difference to our clients when they receive something that is thoughtful, innovative and clearly represents our values. The value it adds to the relationship is anything but insignificant!   

Prosperity Candle gives me the opportunity to support their innovative social enterprise while giving beautifully designed and scented candles that delight my key constituents. 


One of the many services we provide at Root Cause includes investing in social enterprises; providing them with free consulting services and access to key funders and investors to strengthen their performance and impact.  When I purchase Prosperity Candles, I feel confident that these gifts will look awesome AND align with Root Cause’s mission and brand.  

We’ve even incorporated Prosperity Candle as a featured vendor for our Peer Performance Exchange in order to spread the word on how our clients and partners can make a real impact with gifts that give back.”

– Tania Green, Marketing and Communications Manager, Root Cause


Join Tania and Root Cause in making the significant choice to give appreciation gifts that reflect your mission aligned values!  Learn more about our  custom candles and gift sets here.  

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