Spreading the Joy of Reading with Out of Print

Out of Print restores a love of reading in America, and provides books for children in Africa, who otherwise might never learn to read. They also work with Fair Trade manufacturers, so you can feel good about their products from creation to final impact.

Each product reflects a great book (or maybe looks like a library card)! For each product sold, Out of Print donates a book through Books for Africa, an organization that sends books to over 20 different countries. Out of Print also partners with First Book, READ Alliance, and other schools and English classrooms. Co-founder Jeff shares, “We started Out of Print to celebrate people’s favorite stories and to spread the joy of reading . . . it’s our hope that everyone has access to books and an equal opportunity to be educated and inspired by their contents.” 

Jeff’s love of reading goes all the way back to the first grade, when he participated in a March of Dimes charity read-a-thon, and read dozens of books in just a few months. Jeff shares, “this sparked my lifelong love of the written word” and, “reading to me has always been an escape and an adventure.” When asked about his favorite book, Jeff didn’t hesitate to share: “Count of Monte Cristo, hands down.”

Out of Print also has a fundraising option — what a perfect way to encourage reading, help students around the world, and raise support for your school or organization!

 For all our book-loving friends (and for those who just love creative apparel!) take a look at our favorite Out of Print Products!

Out of Print


1. Pride and Prejudice Women’s Tee, $28
Featuring the Jane Austen classic, Pride and Prejudice, this shirt is perfect for every girl who loves reading. And the purple adds a great splash of color for a cute and casual outfit.

2. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Bodysuit, $22
This book cover design is an Eric Carle favorite that looks adorable on little ones. But don’t worry, we know you’ll never outgrow this classic, which is why Out of Print offers this design for kids, men, and women too!

3. “Down the Rabbit Hole” Necklace, $32
This creative necklace reflects a story that has only gained popularity in recent years. The mini Alice in Wonderland book hanging from the clasp adds the perfect touch.

Be sure to visit Out of Prints online shop to see all the great products they offer (including clothingaccessories, stationary, and gift ideas)!

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