Siiri Morley Gives Keynote at South Shore Women’s Business Network in Support of MEF

Prosperity Candle Founding Partner Siiri Morley was honored to give a keynote address at the South Shore Women’s Business Network breakfast gathering to raise awareness about the Massachusetts Educational Foundation. The Massachusetts Educational Foundation offers women who are over 35 the opportunity to earn a scholarship towards continuing their education. Their focus is to help women who want to make a career shift later in life.

Siiri Morley gives keynote talk about Prosperity Candle for the Massachusetts Educational Foundation and the South Shore Women's Business Network

Siiri spoke at the keynote about her personal journey – fueled by scholarships in large part – which landed her at Prosperity Candle. She addressed the concept of a global sisterhood of women supporting women, both locally and globally, and called for all women to support each other as they pursue their dreams.

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