Prosperity Presents for Every Personality!

Need some ideas for the women in your life? Below are some great gift ideas for the women on your gift list. We’re proud to offer a wide range of gifts in our Holiday Collection and we’d love to hear your ideas on who best fits any of the gifts in our collection — your sister who loves coffee? Your neighbor who lives to recycle? Share your ideas with us through Facebook, Twitter, or email!

FOR THE CONSUMATE HOSTESS:Wine Barrel Centerpiece, $56
Actual wine barrel slats (the holder) and repurposed wine coolers (the candles!) become a stunning, rustic centerpiece perfect for any mantle or dining room table. It’s an instant conversation starter!
FOR THE TEA LOVER:Red Blossom Meets Rooibos Tea, $40
A tea infusion-scented bowl candle, a beautiful handpainted mug, and warm, spicy rooibos chai tea will delight the tea drinker in your life, especially when she learns that her mug and bowl candle came all the way from Vietnam!
FOR THE KITCHEN-PHOBIC:Transforming Women’s Lives Gourmet Set, $28
We all know someone who just isn’t big on cooking. This winter, her life will be a little easier with this delicious set of chili, cornbread, and brownie mixes. We won’t say a word if she wants to toss the packaging and claim she made it all from scratch!
FOR THE HOLIDAY ENTHUSIAST:Wise Owl Ornament & Votive, $26
She puts up her Christmas tree on November 26th, and by the first of December, her whole house is a winter wonderland. Delight her holiday spirit with a handmade owl ornament from Peru and a spearmint basil scented votive — a fragrance that’s a wonderful nod to the holiday season but perfectly pleasant all year round!
FOR THE LOVER OF BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY:Rainbows of Hope Bracelet & Votive, $25
Understated yet eye-catching at the same time, this beaded glass bracelet is fairly made by artisans in India. We’ve paired it with a ginger white tea-scented votive she’ll love lighting again and again.

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