Prosperity Candle meets Cheryl Mills in Haiti

The Prosperity Candle team is in Haiti this week preparing for our next candle-making adventure! With the support of some wonderful partners, we will be creating a new candle-making workshop here in Northern Haiti. Our business model aligns closely with the development goals of the State Department and USAID, so we had the unique opportunity of meeting with Secretary Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills.

Prosperity Candle meets with Cheryl Mills, Secretary Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff, while visiting Haiti to learn about job creation

Founding Partner Siiri Morley and Haiti Project Lead Rusty Barber meet Cheryl Mills in Haiti

As she toured Caracol, a business development site in Northern Haiti, she learned about Prosperity Candle’s innovative business model to empower women as entrepreneurs in distressed parts of the world. We shared with her our goals of helping women rebuilding their lives with a market-driven, sustainable business model and the global scope of our work.

Cheryl seemed excited about our concept and agreed that women, especially in Haiti, are an untapped resource that can create incredible change.

We look forward to seeing more of your team in the future, Cheryl!

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