Playing to Win with Event Appreciation Gifts that Shine

This past week I was thrilled to be able to attend the annual Center for Women & Enterprise’s Business Leaders Conference, with a theme this year of Play to Win.   Not only did I get a chance to listen to some great workshops (like sales guru Frank Belzer’s presentation on having a winning sales strategy) and connect with some inspirational women business owners, but I also was able to promote and celebrate our fantastic partnership with CWE and one of their conference sponsors, United Technologies.

Center for Women & Enterprise conference custom candle sponsored by United TechnologiesEvery one of the 300 attendees received a custom designed Prosperity candle tin in their conference tote bag. 

It was a perfect opportunity for United Technologies to affirm their commitment to women-focused enterprises, since every candle supports a woman entrepreneur rebuilding her life!

And it is also exactly the kind of visionary corporate partnership we are looking to build upon, as we continue to grow the movement to shift the gift and transform communities through business and event appreciation gifts that are designed to do good.

A huge thanks to our friends at the Center for Women & Enterprise and United Technologies for being so forward thinking in their commitment to changing the playing field for women, both locally and across the globe!

Center for Women & Enterprise, United Technologies, and Prosperity Candle partnership on custom candle for event gift

From L-R: Jodi Baier of Center for Women & Enterprise; Aprile Ricardi of United Technologies; and Kaitlin Hasseler of Prosperity Candle, showing how a non-profit, for-profit and social enterprise can play together to win!

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