Planning for Balance During a Busy Holiday Season

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? It’s hard to digest when it’s been in the 60s in Massachusetts this week! We still have leaves on the trees but recently had a major snowstorm that knocked the power out in our office for several days. Then there was the tornado that displaced Mee Mee, one of the Burmese refugees we work with in West Springfield, and flooding after Tropical Storm Irene. It’s been a nutty year for weather around here.

Our team is bracing ourselves for the holiday madness that any gift-focused organization experiences. We are busy producing, packaging and spreading the word about our  holiday gifts that give back. As you know, every one of our gifts helps empower women from Burma, Iraq, Haiti, Rwanda and Afghanistan to rebuild their lives. We’re also teaming up with Divine Chocolate, Equal Exchange, Numi Tea and Beeline to offer fair trade, women’s empowerment gift sets. Gifts that give back gift guides, here we come!

Time to relax and recharge during the holidays, choose gifts that give back and pamper

Like so many of you, we have a lot on our plates and more is added every day. Each of us is trying to figure out how to remain focused, productive and healthy through this season. For our team it usually means making time with family, taking a break for yoga or a vigorous walk, playing with our in-house puppy, Pula, or relaxing at the end of the night with a glass of wine or calming tea.

With the holidays approaching, it's a great time to take a moment to reflect and breathe, to remember the important aspects of the holidays: giving and sharing

It’s a beautiful time of year, which can enable us to reflect and connect with loved ones. At it’s best, it’s a time for giving, sharing and connecting. What do you do to stay balanced and healthy during the holidays? How do you take time to remember the essence of these winter holidays?

Perhaps lighting a candle may help?

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