Planning a Party? Give Party Favors That Give Back

Hosting a bridal or baby shower can be a major responsibility. Not only does the day need to be memorable for the bride or mom-to-be, but for her family, friends and coworkers as well.

While it may be impossible to plan an event that will fit every guest’s taste, one party favor that is always well received is a candle from Prosperity Candle Scent Sampler Sets. Each sample set comes with four sample size candles in a variety of scents which can be given out as party favors or in goodie bags to each of your guests. Be sure to include a note or one of our story cards to let her know exactly where her candle came from.

Many of our customers have been raving about how their guests have enjoyed our sample candles at their recent events. Robin C. wrote,

“These candles are perfect for giving as hostess gifts! My mission is to share them with all of my friends, knowing that they too will love them enough to visit your website and order products to share with their friends and family! I think this is a great way to spread the word of the hard work and determination of the amazing women working at Prosperity!”

Another customer, Jeanne C., was charged with planning a wedding shower for dozens of guests. She wrote to us about her experience giving our sample candles:

“I am so happy I saw the story about your endeavors in the Boston Globe that Saturday morning. The candles made for perfect small gifts and the plan is we will burn each candle where ever we may be on the day our co-worker is married, Thanks for being part of our beautiful Wedding Shower!”

Whether you decide to include Prosperity Candle Scent Sampler Candles as take home gifts or hand them out early in the event to allow for scent swapping and sharing, the candles and the mission behind them will bring an extra special meaning to the day.

What better way is there to celebrate a bridal or maternal event than by giving a gift that helps to support strong women making a difference around the world?

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