Our Today Show spotlight on Bobbie’s Buzz!

We were honored to be featured on Today Show during Bobbie Thomas’ International Women’s Day segment. She shared three brands that empower women, and highlighted our very own Love Blooms cuff & votive gift set! We loved checking out fashionABLE‘s gorgeous scarves and Shop Latitude‘s global finds.

And of course, it was amazing to see our candles onscreen! Our Red Blossom candle, made in a ceramic bowl by Vietnamese artisans. Our Franjipani tea tin candle, brightly painted in Kashmir. Our newest addition, Hope Springs polish pottery — each one signed by the woman who painted it. A selection featuring the work of women from around the world, all poured by Burmese women rebuilding their lives in western Massachusetts.

Thanks so much to Kathie Lee, Hoda, and especially Bobbie Thomas for sharing the light and our mission of economically empowering women worldwide!

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