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“Not Just Any Candle”: Why Author Christina Asquith Gifts Prosperity Candles

Christina Asquith is just amazing. She is a journalist who went into Iraq to follow the impact of the conflict on women’s lives. She later went to Afghanistan to continue reporting. Although she now lives in the Boston area, she is known for her incredible book called “Sisters in War: A Story of Love, Family & Survival in the New Iraq”.

We reached out to Christina early on in our work when we were piloting our model in Iraq. She has always been very supportive as she has seen firsthand how important it is to support women in conflict zones.

We’re very proud that Christina is also one of our customers! Hear her explain why she chose Prosperity Candle for all of her holiday gifts that give back last year (hint: she loves the name of the woman on each candle!).


“Not just any candle” is right! Thank you, Christina.

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