Musings for 2012: “Adopt a Policy of Being Joyful.”

January 10, 2012

We’ve been neglecting you, faithful blog readers! Between a busy (and triumphant!) race to the holiday finish line, time relaxing with family over the holidays, and now ambitious plans in the works for 2012 (more soon on that), we have been otherwise distracted.

Siiri Morley & Ted Barber, Founding Partners of Prosperity Candle in their Northampton office

Ted Barber & Siiri Morley, Prosperity Candle Founding Partners (Photo Credit: Judith Kelliher for The Republican)

Much of the time away from the blog has been spent planning and strategizing about next steps. We’ve also in reveling in the tremendous amount of support we’ve had from our supporters. 2011 was a fantastic year for us and we’re looking forward to the rest of 2012.

Prosperity Candle empowers women to rebuild their lives through a candle-making business opportunity in places like Iraq, Rwanda, Haiti, Burma and Afghanistan

Nazahat in Iraq with two of her children

The entry into a new year seems to always bring with it lots of big picture thinking. What’s the meaning of the past year? And what will we do with the new year? As part of our team’s own reflections, we thought we’d share this New York Times article that resonates with us. It’s based on a research done with elderly people – asking for life lessons on what worked and what didn’t. How to live life without regrets, so you enter old age feeling satisfied with what you’ve done. It offers advice on marriage, parenting, careers, happiness, wellness and growing old.

Every Prosperity Candle is a vehicle for social change and global connection, give a gift change a life

Our favorite advice? From a 75-year old man: “Adopt a policy of being joyful.”

Happy new year!

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Pacific Ocean

Clean and buoyant, fresh ocean air atop a joyful blend of freesia,
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The warmth of sandalwood blended with Baltic oakmoss, a touch of amber,
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Blue Fir & Spice - Fragrant blue fir pine needles combined with cedarwood, bright citrus and a touch of spice evoke the spirit of the holidays.

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