4 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day: Light Up Your Mom's Heart with Mother's Day Candle Gifts

4 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day: Light Up Your Mom's Heart with Mother's Day Candle Gifts

“There’s a reason some people think they can do anything, they listened to their mothers”.  – a Mother’s Day quote

Mothers are incredible. It goes without saying that we wouldn’t be here without them. But so many are unsung heroes who lend a hand to people in need, bringing them in from the cold to a bright and loving environment. With Mother’s Day approaching, we are celebrating these women – and everyone who helps and nurtures those in need. 

Moo Kho, one of our candle-makers, is an inspiring example. Having endured years in a refugee camp and being separated from her parents and siblings, she has dedicated her life to helping other families who have also lost everything. And to her daughters for whom she is providing a childhood that is brighter than the one she had. 

Time with loved ones is such a precious gift. And being able to spend hours with your mom to share your dreams is in itself a dream. On Mother’s Day weekend, we’ll be closing shop here and heading to Weesie’s house with her favorite candle in hand. Weesie is another unsung hero who has helped many in need over her 78 years, never letting obstacles get in the way, always seeing the best in people. She is our co-founder Ted’s mom, a woman cherished by all.

Choose a Mother's Day candle gift idea from our Mother's Day Gifts Collection to share your gratitude and appreciation! We've highlighted a few of our favorites below to help you get started. 

For the Mom who Loves Tea Time

Ceremony Tea Gift Set

Tea and candles are a perfect match and classic gift ideas for Mother's Day… we’ve been combining them in gifts since 2011. Plan your own mother-daughter tea party with our Ceremony Tea Gift Set. You’ll have a chance to finally catch up and she’ll enjoy every minute of it.

For the Mom who Loves Meditation

Lavender Candle Gift For Mom

Mothers manage a myriad of tasks all day, every day. She deserves some time to relax. Our Lavender Retreat Gift Set pairs an aromatherapy Tranquility Candle with an essential oil roll-on and a sparkling bath tablet to create a zen moment in her busy day. To be fair, fathers manage a lot, too… but we’re talking about moms here!

For the Mom who Loves Sweets

“A mother is a person who seeing there are only three cookies for four people, promptly announces she never did care for cookies” (from a quote by Tenneva Jordan). We say no way, get more cookies! Celebrating women's power with a She Inspires candle paired with decadent dark chocolate, our Sweet Inspiration Gift Set is an absolute favorite gift idea for Mother's Day.

For the Mom who Loves Gardening

A bouquet of flowers goes a long way, but why not start with one of our Marbella candles, which you can repurpose as a flower pot? This earth-friendly gift will make any mom happy. It even comes with a wildflower seed paper to plant in the vessel after all the wax is gone.

So there you have it… which one is your favorite?  Light up her heart with one of these handmade Mother's Day candle gift ideas that do good.

Women artisans of Prosperity with handmade candles in our studio.

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