ITVS’ Women & Girls Lead Film Project Highlights Prosperity Candle’s Siiri Morley

women and girls lead features prosperity candle's siiri morley

Thank you to the fantastic team at Women & Girls Lead, a film project focused on women and girls that sits under the ITVS (Independent Television Services) umbrella, for highlighting the work of Prosperity Candle. Given our shared values in empowering women and girls, they were very interested to learn more about our Siiri Morley’s journey to become a social entrepreneur.

Here in her guest blog she talks about her unusual path to becoming an entrepreneur and why she cares so deeply about empowering women and girls through business. Her unique path includes anthropology classes, the Peace Corps, fair trade, and, now, candles! Read more here.

ITVS' Women and Girls Lead features Siiri Morley of Prosperity Candle on her journey of becoming a social entrepreneur

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