International Women's Day: 5 Ways to Celebrate And Why It Matters

International Women's Day: 5 Ways to Celebrate And Why It Matters

This October TedWomen will convene for the first time as TedNext, dropping its singular focus on elevating women’s voices to invite people from “all geographies, generations and genders” to share their ideas. While we here at Prosperity Candle feel the tinge of loss, we also applaud their progressive thinking alongside an acknowledgement that no one should be declaring victory for gender equality — “there is still much work to do.”

That is why International Women's Day remains as important as ever. Despite significant strides towards gender equality, the journey is far from over. Women across the globe continue to face barriers to education, employment, healthcare and leadership positions. The recent backslide of women's rights in Afghanistan, for example, serves as a stark reminder of the loss of not only basic human rights, but also the valuable and unrealized contributions of Afghan women.

International Women's Day continues to serve as an important and powerful platform for celebrating the achievements of women in all spheres of life, and inspiring future generations to pursue their aspirations without limitation.

Want to celebrate with us?  Here are our 5 suggestions for celebrating IWD 2024:

1. Amplify Women's Voices

Share the achievements of diverse women on social media to promote greater visibility. Choose your own heroines and post their stories, encouraging others to discover why these women deserve cheers and recognition. And be sure to ask your followers about the women they most admire.

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2. Support Women-Owned Businesses

It’s so simple, yet always powerful. On March 8th (and better yet the entire month), shop at women-owned stores. It sends a message that you value their entrepreneurial spirit and choose to support them. For birthday, anniversary and “just because” gifts, check out our own wonderful selection of best selling candles, unique totes, wonderful spa products and delightful gift sets all handmade by women.

And if you’re local, we’re giving a big shout-out the new Tip Top wine shop behind our studio in Easthampton, owned by Miranda and Lauren… great expertise and a wonderful selection. We’ll be buying our wine from them all year round!

3. Foster Inclusive Spaces

This may seem obvious, perhaps even outdated. But creating environments where women feel respected and empowered to express themselves authentically is just as important as ever. Challenge sexist attitudes and behaviors of others and actively work towards dismantling barriers to inclusion and diversity. There are still industries, places and boardrooms in the U.S. where women have to fight to be heard. So be their champion.

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4. Give IWD Gifts

Many people don’t know about International Women’s Day, and it’s a great excuse to brighten a friend or colleague’s day while also letting them know about it. We offer a wonderful selection of gifts under $35 that are perfect for the occasion.

5. Join an Event!

If the idea of gathering with others to celebrate the day inspires you, then you won’t be disappointed. There are IWD events in communities around the world. Why not join in? Check out this helpful resource to find one near you.

International Women’s Day was established over a century ago, yet continues to hold significance today. As we navigate through our complex social and political landscapes, the simple act of recognizing the accomplishments of women around the world is a great way to put aside differences and come together in celebration.

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