Igniting a spark of goodwill with clients in 2013

While today certainly didn’t end up being the end of the world (as if we had any doubt), we are approaching a definite end – the end of 2012! There are just 10 days until a brand new year is upon us.

It may feel like 10 days is nowhere near enough time to finish your work before the close of the year. In all the end-of-year madness, you may have procrastinated on holiday gifting for clients and key stakeholders in your company or organization.

Time isn’t up! In fact, it’s perfect timing if you’re looking to be seen as fresh and innovative. Instead of participating in the deluge of corporate gifts at the end of the year, how about sending a New Year’s gift in January – something that says “we’ve got you covered in the year ahead.”

Our custom candle line allows you to incorporate your logo, brand and messaging directly on your candle. The candle makes a great stand alone gift, but can also be incorporated into a larger, themed gift set.

Here are a few of our ideas for igniting goodwill through new year’s gifts:

Of course, we’re always happy to brainstorm! Check out our great gift sets for inspiration, and contact us today to discuss how you can provide an early 2013 gift that will be sure to light up your clients’ day as they return to the office!

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