Highlighting Female Artisans Here in the U.S. (and Canada!)

Are you in the Pioneer Valley or surrounding areas? Come see these pieces in person at our open house on Saturday, December 1st!

We love that our Artisan Collection features pieces from all over the world. But we don’t want to neglect the beautiful art pieces that are made a little closer to home, either! Below are some of the wonderful ceramic bowls made by skilled female potters in the United States and Canada. We hope you love these pieces as much as we loved making them into candles!

Grenadier Pottery:
Leaf Swirl Bowl, $38
From Massachusetts artisan Ellen Grenadier comes the Leaf Swirl Bowl in both maple and willow varieties. The soft ombre of blue or green tones is enchanting on its own, but we definitely fell in love with the real leaf detailing! Ellen presses real leaves onto the bowl, which leave a beautiful imprint when glazed and fired.
Deirdre Wilson Pottery:
Landscape Silhouette Bowl, $40
Deirdre Wilson lives just outside of Montreal, Quebec where she has perfected the art of wheel-thrown stoneware to create unusually light and elegant stoneware pottery. Her work is notable for its classic elegance and blending bold colors with warm, earthy tones. The Landscape Silhouette bowl is a lovely addition to your home — first as a candle, then as a beautiful piece of artwork!
Ede Walker Pottery:
Balance & Harmony Bowl, $28
Ede is an inspiration to women entrepreneurs everywhere: she began teaching herself pottery after the birth of her second son, and through patience, study, and evolution grew into a skilled potter! The Balance & Harmony bowl features an elegant low profile, an elegantly subtle ombre glaze, and a refreshing verbena scent.
Deirdre Wilson Pottery:
Red Skies at Night Bowl, $40
The Red Skies at Night bowl candle is another wonderful Deirdre Wilson piece, one we’ve offered in previous seasons and are excited to have back in stock! We left this piece unscented, as we think it makes a perfect accent to your dining decor.
Centerpoint Studios
Yuba River Centerpiece, $48
North Carolina-based artisan Kathie Kline has developed a glaze so beautiful, it almost has to be seen to be believed! Her inspiration for the glaze came from the Yuba River in northern California, and features flecks of gold along with streaks of flowing blues, greens, and even hints of pinks and purples under the right light. This unscented bowl candle features three wicks for triple the glow — your dining room has never looked better!

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