Giving Thanks: Pillar Candles Soon to Arrive from Baghdad

Our team has a lot to be thankful for. We have a lot of traction now and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of thousands of pillar candles made by our Prosperity Entrepreneurs in Baghdad. They are due to arrive on Monday, November 29th – a wonderful post-Thanksgiving gift for our team. We are so thrilled to ship them out to you beginning on December 10th! Each candle embodies the hopes, dreams and joy of a woman embarking on a journey to create more peace and prosperity for her family and community.

Thousands of these high quality pillars are coming our way!

We just spoke to our team in Baghdad yesterday –the intrepid trio at Women for Women International: Ibtisam, George & Aladdin – and learned that they are busy collecting stories from the Prosperity Entrepreneurs. These stories will soon be up on our Voices page, as we want to be able to connect every customer and gift recipient this year with the woman who made her candle so she can learn more about the woman’s life. You can send a message to each woman to encourage her and give her feedback about the candle she made for you as she builds her business!

One of the Prosperity Entrepreneurs wants to share the following with our customers:

“I hope this candle brings you the same joy that it has brought into my own life. From my hands to yours…”

Wafa'a carefully crafting a handpoured pillar candle

Remember that every candle we sell enables a woman to grow her business and create a new path for herself and her family. So buy a Prosperity Candle this holiday season to honor and celebrate a woman in your life, while honoring the resilience and possibility of women in places affected by conflict. They make perfect holiday gifts!

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