Happiness Hygge candle fair trade soy blend handmade by women artisans

Create Your Own Happy Place

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A room with ambiance is a place to linger and enjoy. We love a good ambiance.

In Denmark, they have a word for it: hygge (pronounced “hooguh”). Hygge is the art of creating a nice atmosphere. It’s about togetherness, good food and enjoying the company of others. It’s about soothing lighting and comfortable seating. Ultimately, it's about making all your senses happy.

Creating happiness

Happy senses turn into happy thoughts and later, happy recollections. And while all 5 of our senses are linked to memory, smell in particular connects us to the emotional ones. That is in part how aromatherapy with its mood enhancing scents works. It's easy to create happiness when these positive senses are left to blossom with Happiness candles, aromas that remind us of joy and bliss.

“Our noses have a way of sniffing out nostalgia” writer Meghan Holohan once said. She is right.

You can be walking along a path completely lost in thought and then a certain flower unexpectedly taps a flood of sentimental memories from your distant past. A trace of sea salt in the air and suddenly you recall childhood summers at the beach. Or a certain aftershave conjures up fond memories of grandpa. It’s amazing how that works.

Wait… how does it work? Apparently, when a scent enters your nose it travels to the emotional center of your brain. Something called the amygdala gets involved which creates especially strong memories. The close relationship between your amygdala and your nose is why a smell can spark feelings of nostalgia.

Create your own happy place

Of course, you can awaken memories with anything carrying a scent, but candles are especially good because they also create a cozy ambiance. They bathe a room in warm light and a sense of relaxation and friendship. This is the inspiration behind our new Happiness Candle.

Soy blend fair trade Happiness Hygge candle handmade by women artisan refugees at Prosperity Candle

We started thinking about places that evoke feelings of contentment and joy, and the scents associated with them. For some it is standing on top of a mountain with a woodsy breeze and beautiful view. For others it’s the seashore with salty air, the sound of waves breaking, feet buried in warm sand.

Our Happiness Candles offer a way to take you back to a place and moment you cherish, whenever the mood strikes. Each is handmade with all-natural soy and coconut wax, a cotton wick, and carefully selected fragrance made with essential oils. For yourself or as a gift for someone special, it’s a simple way to create your own happy place anytime, anywhere.

Our first three Happiness Candles are seaside, mountain and garden. But that’s just the beginning… if you have a place in mind that makes you happy, let us know in the comments below and the next happiness scent might be yours!

Soy blend fair trade Happiness Hygge Candle handmade by women artisan refugees at Prosperity Candle

1 comment

Dorothy Jane Davis
Dorothy Jane Davis

Love the ambiance of candles associated with happy places: Forest, garden, mountain & seashore😍❤️☺️⚠️

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