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Check out Prosperity Candle on Fab.com this Sunday!

Fab.com, the unique online marketplace that sells design for all pricepoints, will be featuring a variety of Prosperity Candles starting this Sunday.  Fab.com combines the appeal of online-only deals with the beauty of innovative design concepts. This means that you’ll find a whole range of products– cool gadgets, vintage furniture, jewelry, home decor… and all of it something you’ve probably not come across before (and for a great price!). Even if you’re not looking to buy, it has that Pinterest-esque oh-that’s-just-so-cool! kind of feeling.

And starting this Sunday, you’ll find Prosperity Candles on fab.com too! Not only will you see our tried-and-true favorites like our Iraqi pillar and Travel Tin Candle, but also a number of selections from our artisan & summer collections.

Fab.com’s mission also rings nicely in our ears: “Behind every great design is an even greater story.” Well said, fab. Our products are beautiful, but no more beautiful than the fact that they help women rebuild their lives, and each candle we sell comes with the story of the woman who made it.

So to our loyal friends and fans: spread the word! Sign up for fab! Share the light & change a life!

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