Celebrating Summer!

Ahhhh… summer. Who doesn’t love spending time outside, going barefoot, eating popsicles, and sunlight that lasts until 9pm?

The Prosperity Candle team rang in the summer season with hoola-hoops, zip-lining,  and water balloons. No, this was not some zany attempt at creative product development (though I do wonder what we would have come up with…) but a picnic for the whole team, including the  Burmese refugees we work with and their families. And we have to say, those kids were too. flippin’. cute.

In spite of the wide age-range and a language barrier, some things truly are universal… like the joy induced by a popsicle or the sanctioned mischief of a water-balloon fight.

And we rounded out the afternoon with some high-quality entertainment– an impromptu talent show.

We feel pretty lucky to have had such an awesome start to our summer. It reminded us of all the simple joys– great company, laughing kids, yummy treats, and a summer’s day. What else could anyone ask for?

To all our friends and supporters– what are your plans to celebrate the long days and warm evenings ahead?

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