Ethically made candles handpoured by women artisans in the U.S. for a brighter future.

Celebrating 10 Years of an Embracing Community


10 years ago our founders started with a vision of empowering women who live in places of conflict. Every year that vision continues to unfold and expand, creating opportunities for women refugees resettled in the U.S. As we step into 2019, we want to thank our community of passionate change-makers who've embraced our mission. You are the reason any of this is possible!

This year we have so many reasons to celebrate. In just the last few months, we’ve welcomed three new candle-makers to our team... Sui, Lydia, and Nyota. Sui is originally from Burma, while Lydia and Nyota arrived from Burundi where they sought shelter in a refugee camp away from the Congo's escalating violence. Each week we see them making wonderful strides in their artisan skills and moving closer to achieving their goals.

Our partnership with Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla's The Little Market has grown incredibly over the last year to create more opportunities for our artisans with the largest orders we've ever received! We're proud to see our soy and coconut wax candles on their shelves and to be a part of their inspiring mission of uplifting women from around the world. 

Handpoured candles ethically made by women artisans in the U.S. for The Little Market

With the support of amazing nonprofits and brands like Twitter and Microsoft reaching out to make a difference through gifts, we can hardly believe we are so close to outgrowing our cozy space! Each custom gift order we receive supports women artisans, and we are so appreciative to be pouring candles for so many... from animal rescue organizations and banks to big corporations with a desire to give back to customers and donors. 

A living wage, supportive and safe environment, and dignified employment can go a long way to paving new beginnings. Each of our women artisans arrived in the U.S. after experiencing tremendous hardships and loss, with little more than a suitcase to carry.

Every day we are honored to work with these strong and resilient women in our little corner of western Massachusetts. The challenges they have faced and overcome are beyond our imagining. Yet here they are building a brighter future for themselves and their families with smiles and laughter, sharing stories in their own languages.


Women artisans Lydia and Nyota, resettled refugees creating a brighter future through fair trade candles

This community was created out of your gift-giving, your kind messages to our artisans, and your sharing of our story with friends and family. We are grateful to know that so many people embrace others in need from such diverse backgrounds, languages, religions and cultures. 

To everyone who has been there along the way, lifting us up when times were tough and celebrating the milestones, thank you for being a part of this journey. We look forward to continuing to spread the light in 2019, and embracing many more refugees with kindness and compassion.

10 Years of...

Artisan women trained in candle-making and entrepreneurship by Prosperity Candle   Living wages paid to women artisans who resettled from refugee camps.

Donations to non-profits to support equal opportunity, social justice, and girls' education.  Loans given to women entrepreneurs and investment in women's entrepreneurship

From all of us here, thank you!


Johanna M Woodbury
Johanna M Woodbury

Congratulations! 🙏 ♥️


So glad that you are operating in my corner of the world- here in western , MA. I am proud to support the work you do and share Prosperity Candles with those who don’t know about the company! Yay! And thank you 🙏🏾

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