Beginning a new year with gratitude

Thank you from Prosperity Candle
We’re halfway through January — a time when many New Year’s resolutions are losing steam. (For instance, I haven’t been to the gym yet . . .)

But I think we’ve hit on a company resolution that’ll be easy to carry forward year after year: we’re starting the new year by taking a moment to recognize everyone who helped make 2012 great. And that’s all of you.

Everyone who helped us in 2012 by buying a candle, gifting one of our products, sharing a Facebook post, retweeting a blog entry, forwarding a newsletter, telling a friend. All of our followers, readers, mailing list subscribers.

You make our impact possible. You’re changing lives.

So from our homes, from our workplaces, and all the way from the Great Wall of China . . . thank you.

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