Adding an Artisan Touch to Perfect Interiors

I’ve been spending an exuberant amount of time on Pinterestadmiring all of the beautiful interior design photos lately. So, I thought I’d make use of all that time by pairing some of our candles with my favorite rooms. While putting these pictures together, I realized that our candles fit pretty much any style!


Our Splash Recycled Glass Candle matches the colors of this adventurous & purple dining areaperfectly.


The Silver Surprise Wave Bowlcandle pairs nicely with this modern yet earthy living room.



Our Peaceful LIght Recycled Glass Candle is a simple , but elegant addition to this classic chic kitchen.


Our classic Prosperity Pillar was practically made to fit with this bedroom set and it’s rich purple tones.


These repurposed Dry Soda Bottlecandles add a fun & quirky touch to this beautiful outdoor dining area.


These hand-painted Red Blossom Bowls are a fun addition to this colorful and fun living room.

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