A Woven Thread: Healing the Past, Hope for the Future



As a company that works with women refugees, we love finding other social enterprises who do the same, which is why we loved learning about A Woven Thread!


A Woven Thread, founded by Beth Seremet and Katie Berube, is based in New Hampshire where more than 7,500 refugees have settled since leaving their camps in Malaysian cities. In Myanmar, many of the women were surrounded by violence and there were often horrific attacks on their communities. Beth and Katie’s goal is to help build a better future for these women and give them an opportunity to tell their stories.


Their Artist Spotlights, give customers a chance to get to know the artisans. Salimah, one of the artists, tells us how A Woven Thread has finally given her the chance to work toward achieving her dreams, “I can feel my own dream being reawakened. I can continue my education as an adult and I believe I will still open my restaurant.”


A Woven Thread strives to create a better future for refugee women by creating beautiful hand-woven scarves out of recycled silk saris from cooperatives in Nepal. The threads weave together the stories of the women, or what they call “the four circles of empowerment”. The first circle being the artisans, the second their community, the third supports the cooperatives, and the fourth is the change that they strive for.

We love the scarves unique style and rich colors, not to mention their determination to create opportunities for the Rohingya women.

Here are a few products that we’ll be wearing this Spring:


1.  OZ, beautiful emerald scarf that will definitely boost your confidence. // 2. Soft Petal Bangle Set, perfect springtime colors!

Check out their blog to learn more about how it all began and show them some love on Facebook!


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