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8 Ways to Create Peace of Mind and Calm at Home

As autumn leaves brighten and drift in the wind outside our studio windows, we’re reminded of the importance of creating peace of mind for ourselves in our daily lives and homes. Many of us have had to figure out how to create calm in our homes in recent months as they’ve become our workplaces, schools, playgrounds, and oases. And it can feel challenging to enter a new season as those realities continue to be true.

But in any season there are small things we can do to foster feelings of inner peace and tranquility in our homes and minds, and the quiet coziness of autumn offers many opportunities to reinvest in strategies that promote calm.

Peruse our offerings below for a multitude of ways to create peace of mind, everything from self-care practices you can do in minutes to relaxing home decorating ideas. Consider fall as an invitation to rethink how you approach achieving peace of mind in your life and home.

1. Embrace the power of nature

Power of Nature - 8 Ways to Create Peace of Mind and Calm at Home

Besides being a lush visual, indoor plants add an oasis of calm and tranquility wherever they are scattered around, whether it is on the coffee table, windowsill, or bedside. On its own, greenery helps purify the air you breathe while bringing energizing colors. Beyond this, rituals like tending to plants by watering or misting offer ways to create peace of mind in a soothing environment. 

For those of you looking for low maintenance greenery, consider adopting a few air plants, which require bright, indirect light and not one speck of soil! We love them so much we’ve added them to our Peace of Mind gift set. Every new leaf shoot gives a reason to appreciate the little things that bring us peace.

2. Declutter and decorate

Declutter and decorate - 8 Ways to Create Peace of Mind and Calm at Home

An uncluttered home can truly translate to a more clear and calm state of mind. By tidying up the entryway or simply cleaning knick-knacks off of the counter, we give ourselves a way to focus when we are feeling more overwhelmed. Adding small nods to the current season in a freshly cleaned space can remind us what we love about the present and help us refocus on what we care about most.

Once the space is decluttered, revisiting how you decorate your home in each new season is another way to prioritize your peace of mind. Ringing in the autumn with seasonal decorations like a foliage wreath, a tasteful pumpkin, or a chai-scented candle can help mark the passing of time and offer a clean slate to move forward. 

3. Soothe with aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Tranquility Candles handmade by women with pure essential oils

If you’re still pondering how to create calm in your home, we recommend turning to your favorite scents. Filling a room with a soothing essential-oil based scent can immediately bring you peace of mind. Fresh, sweet, or woodsy scents instill a sense of calm and evoke nostalgic memories. 

We love lighting a Happiness Candle in our own home to remind us of the seaside or mountain, or adding a little Harmony inside when we need a moment of relaxation and peaceful environment with a Tranquility Candle. Each Calm, Bliss and Harmony candle is made in consultation with an Oregon-based aromatherapist to inspire more peaceful states of mind. Light yours in any moment it is needed.

4. Create a calming ritual

Create a calming ritual - 8 Ways to Create Peace of Mind and Calm at Home

It feels obvious to say, but performing a calming ritual like lighting a candle or taking a few deep breaths can bring you peace of mind even if you did not feel particularly calm beforehand. If you're looking for ways to create more calm in your daily life, performing a ritual like journaling first thing in the morning, curling up with a cozy blanket beside the fire, or instituting intentional technology breaks could help you embrace your inner peace.

One ritual we recommend from personal experience is the calming practice of brewing a fresh pot of herbal tea, like the tea that comes with our Ceremony Tea Gift Set. Breathe in the warm rich scent of Adjourn Teahouse’s hand blended looseleaf tea as you light a Mezo candle in your choice of scent.

5. Start a gratitude journal

Start a gratitude journal - 8 Ways to Create Peace of Mind and Calm at Home

It’s said often, but worth reminding ourselves again. Thanking others, thanking ourselves, and appreciating small moments in our lives can foster calm by reminding us how much we have to be grateful for. In studies, healthcare researchers see a strong connection between feeling grateful and positive emotions.

One self care idea that can help cultivate peace of mind is to start a gratitude journal. Simply give yourself 5 minutes to write three things you are grateful for, with no judgement. Whether it was the birds chirping outside your window, a moment of connection with a loved one, a vibrant autumn tree, or a hearty meal, each is worth writing down. You'll find yourself looking for moments to record in your gratitude journal each day and feeling more joy and peace of mind as a result. 

If you feel inspired to share your gratitude, write your loved ones a note detailing why you’re grateful they’re in your life. Paired with a sentimental gift like our Gratitude Burmese candle, your note can brighten their day even more. 

6. Maximize natural light

Maximize natural light - 8 Ways to Create Peace of Mind and Calm at Home

As the days begin to shorten, we have more reason to focus on how light affects our mood. During the day, choose warm light from the sun, boosted by your home fixtures, to feel brighter and more centered. In the later evenings and on rainy days, light a candle or turn on a smaller lamp to create a cozy, warm atmosphere.

And after a long day of focusing on others, prioritize your own peace of mind by lighting a candle for the dinner table. As simple as it is, spending a little time adjusting your lighting can help maintain a positive state of mind all season. 

7. Find time for self care

Morning Calm Gift Set of essential oil shower steamers and Calm aromatherapy candle.

When considering ways to create peace of mind in your life, prioritizing self care is one that can easily fall off the end of your list. While it might not be an option to make it a big event, there are a variety of ways to practice self care in in-between moments at home. Something as simple as setting aside a bit of time before bed to relax, light a candle, and let go of stress can go a long way towards helping you achieve calm.

And, after a long day of focusing on others, you can treat yourself to an at-home spa night with a soothing bath and a hydrating pure essential oil Massage Candle. Or on those unavoidably busy days, you can still take a moment to slow down in the shower with an essential oil steamer from our Morning Calm set.

8. Listen to a relaxing playlist

Listen to a relaxing playlist - 8 Ways to Create Peace of Mind and Calm at Home

Incorporating peace in a holistic way involves all of our senses, and finding a playlist that you find relaxing can go a long way towards infusing your space with calm. Look for soft, soothing music that features instrumentals and nature sounds to transport yourself to a tranquil oasis. Or choose something with vocals that share a message of serenity. Unwind in the calming ambiance of your chosen playlist and the soft glow of your favorite candle.

All of these ways to create peace of mind bring much needed care and attention to our mental well-being as the seasons change. Of course, each of us has different challenges we are facing. We hope this list of ideas for creating peace of mind and calm at home inspires you. And if these or other suggestions are helping you achieve more peace right now, we'd love to hear them in the comments!

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