8 Ways to Connect Yourself to Nature for Earth Hour & Slow Down

8 Ways to Connect With Nature & Slow Down

With summer finally here, you probably feel the urge to disconnect from the digital world and connect with in nature... we definitely do. It's a beautiful way to let go of any winter gloom and experience a boost to mental and physical well-being. Part of slowing down and practicing to be one with nature is about appreciating the little things we might otherwise miss in our usual rush from place to place.

Earth Hour was created with just this in mind. Coordinated by the World Wildlife Fund, it's an incredible grassroots movement of people turning off their lights to unite to protect our shared home and ecosystem. For one hour on March 30, millions of people around the world will be lighting candles and stargazing to inspire hope and action for a beautiful, healthy planet. 

From the fresh air we breathe to the sunlight and greenery we glimpse on our way to work.... every moment is an opportunity to connect with nature around us. Every once in a while, try turning off your radio or phone and looking at the living beauty around you. You'll be so happy you did.

To get you started, we put together 8 simple ways to slow down and be one with nature wherever you are.

1. Spend time outside. 

8 Ways to Connect Yourself to Nature for Earth Hour

Dip your toes in water, take a stroll on the beach, grab a book and read in the park, watch a sunset or a sunrise....being in nature is a beautiful reminder of the simple joys and small moments that bring us happiness. It broadens our perspective on the world, too. All of a sudden those stresses and worries you had seem much more manageable. Try spending an hour immersed in nature and see how energized and rejuvenated you feel. It's amazing!

2. Eat fresh fruits and veggies.

Fresh Fruits and Veggies - 8 Ways to Connect Yourself to Nature for Earth Hour

Sometimes we forget that we need nature to live, breathe and thrive. Fresh fruit and veggies are delicious and always there to connect you to nature in the most real way. Every apple, mango and spice is a product of the precious biodiversity that makes up ingredients for tasty recipes. Check out a farmer’s market or shop from local growers to give back and support those caring for the environment.

3. Go for a walk or bike ride.

8 Ways to Connect to Nature for Earth Hour & Slow Down

This one does double good for the environment and you! You can help reduce emissions and get a little exercise by going for a walk or bike ride in your downtime instead of taking the car. It's a great excuse to bask in the sunlight for a bit. Add some fun by bringing a friend for a spontaneous trip to the corner store or a captivating catch-up conversation under the open sky.

4. Choose nature-based products.

B Corporation Products to Connect Yourself to Nature for Earth Hour

From coconut oil to rose water to bright citruses, nature is filled with natural properties and antioxidants that are wonderful for you and smell delicious too. What you put on your skin and bring into your home is your choice, and luckily there is an amazing community of B Corp companies who respect and honor nature with their products. Choosing an organic body mist or bath bomb is a chance to be one with nature and bring it nearer to you as you go about your day.

5. Bring nature inside.

Houseplants and succulents to connect yourself to nature for Earth Hour.

Surrounding yourself with plants inside is a great practice to connect with nature and make those days when you're cooped up in the house feel more lively. Blossoming flowers, leafy tropical plants or even little succulents make all the difference for mood on those days when an outside stroll just isn't possible. And the more adventures you go on, the more bits of nature you'll be able to bring into your home. Hello seashells and sand!

6. Start a garden.

Start a garden to connect to nature and protect the environment.

If you've shied away from starting a garden, you can rest assured that most people at one point doubted their "green thumb" too! Your garden can start as small as a couple of herbs or flowers, and just a bit of sunshine and water to get it going. Even living in the city, you can plant some lavender or thyme in a small planter or cute repurposed candle by the window. For a more adventurous project, a garden bed outside is the perfect spot to plant cucumbers for the summer.

7. Take coffee or tea breaks outside.

Take a break outside to connect to nature and slow down.

Since most of us spend our days inside busy on a computer screen or checking our phones, it's easy to forget to make time for nature. On your next work break, try bringing your coffee or tea outside and engaging your senses with the fresh air. Just 15 minutes of slowing down may be enough to relieve stress and feel refreshed! Give it a try, you'll be amazed at how freeing it feels.

8. Unplug for Earth Hour.

Unplug for Earth Hour and join millions in celebrating the planet and environment.

On March 30 at 8:30pm your local time, millions of people across the world are turning off their lights for one hour to celebrate our shared home - Earth - and raise awareness about climate change. The Earth Hour event is celebrated in more than 187 countries to shine a light on why nature matters. As the lights go down, eco-friendly candles light up. Join the World Wildlife Fund and follow their inspiring annual campaign at #Connect2Earth.

Candles to Connect to Nature & Slow Down...

Soy blend Liberte Pot Candles that can be repurposed as a plant pot with wildflower seed paper.

Our Liberte Pot candles are curated to bring the joy of nature inside and handpoured in spring-inspired floral, citrus or earthy scents. Each is paired with wildflower seed paper to transform into a beautiful flower pot after the wax is gone.


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