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7 Kitchen Gifts & Decor Ideas for an Eco Friendly Kitchen This Summer

With summer finally in full swing, we are excited to be hosting dinner parties and visiting with friends. And while you prepare to bond over delicious food and friendly company, you may be trying to imagine the perfect housewarming gift or kitchen table decor ideas to enhance your summer gathering. 

As a well-loved and frequently used area, the kitchen is one room where you can create elegant focal points and bright accents. Simple yet thoughtful kitchen gift ideas can help to create a cheerful summer ambiance for any gathering, even after the sun goes down. From practical essentials like reusable food wraps to the inviting light of candles, these ideas will help you find the perfect kitchen gift set for your favorite entertainer or to accentuate your own kitchen. 

The kitchen is also a place where you can incorporate sustainable habits into everyday routines. You can have a positive impact on the environment without sacrificing style or functionality, and can even inspire your favorite host with a fun eco-friendly gift. In honor of this, we've put together a list of 7 eco-friendly kitchen gift ideas and culinary gifts to use every day or to show off at your next gathering!

1. Eco-friendly Food Wraps Set

Sustainable home gift set | Sustainable kitchen gift ideas | Eco-friendly kitchen products

Reusable items are great culinary gifts for anyone beginning their journey towards a sustainable life. Gift a Sustainable Home Gift Set to the new homeowner in your life, or treat yourself to reusable storage bags and beeswax wraps like Z Wraps to jumpstart your own eco-friendly kitchen. If you're feeling creative, you can also use storage containers like mason jars to artfully display cooking essentials in a simple and sleek way.

2. Culinary Gift Box

Pioneer Valley Gift Boxes by Prosperity Candle |

What better way to show someone you care than with a culinary gift box? Filled with a variety of kitchen staples, these culinary boxes make a thoughtful gift or housewarming present for the sustainable chef in your life.

3. Eye-catching Centerpieces 

Eye-catching kitchen decor and centerpieces | Sustainable kitchen products and gifts

One simple way to enhance any kitchen table decor is to use a statement centerpiece on the table. We may be partial to using stylish candles, like our Linnea or Dunes candles, to create an elegant focal point in the kitchen, but there are many other ways to do this. Find blooming summer flowers from the farmer’s market to create a fresh and vibrant addition to your kitchen or your host’s. You can also display or give unique salt and pepper shakers or fashionable serving trays made by your favorite artisans. 

4. Cookbook and Display Stand

Parwana Cookbook Gift Set | Eco-friendly kitchen gifts for cooks

If you’re looking for gifts for cooks who love to try new recipes, a unique or handmade cookbook stand is one thoughtful option. Shop from your favorite artisans for a sleek cookbook holder to display a favorite recipe and inspire creativity in the kitchen. And if you’re looking for a beautiful cookbook with delicious recipes and meaningful stories, look to our Parwana Cookbook Gift Set featuring authentic Afghan recipes to create a thoughtful kitchen gift set. 

5. Decorative Bowls 

Sustainable kitchen decor ideas | Eco-friendly kitchen gift ideas for the summer

Show off the products of your garden with a fresh fruit or veggie bowl. We love to repurpose the Lulea Candle into kitchen table decor to keep fresh fruit on hand and add an elegant accent to the kitchen counter. Keep a decorative bowl for yourself as a home for your keys and wallet, or create your own gift "basket" with tonight's dinner ingredients to give to that special host. 

6. Sustainable Kitchen Essentials

Sustainable Kitchen Essentials for your Eco-Friendly Kitchen | Reusable paper towels and cloth napkins

Combine functionality with fashion by swapping out single-use paper products for reusable cloth napkins and paper towels. Add an elegant touch to your gatherings with stylish cloth napkins, or use a brightly patterned tea towel to add a pop of color to your kitchen while reducing your paper waste. Try gifting a functional product with a decorative candle like in the Kitchen Care gift set, which pairs a beautiful bowl candle with a reusable kitchen cloth. These eco-friendly kitchen products are a great way to practice sustainability while giving a unique and thoughtful gift! 

7. Reusable Flower & Herb Pots

Liberte Pot Collection | Sustainable kitchen table decor ideas | Sustainable kitchen gift ideas

Bring a touch of green into the kitchen with a decorative flower pot or mini kitchen garden. Fresh flowers or herbs make a beautiful window sill decoration and can even be used in your favorite recipe. To gift sustainably, find a reusable flower pot like our Liberte Pot Candle, which comes with wildflower paper to plant inside after the candle has been used. This kitchen gift idea is perfect for that someone in your life with a green thumb, and embraces summer while being environmentally friendly. 

There are countless ways that you can create an eco-friendly kitchen. Give a gift of sustainability and style to your favorite host with these 7 eco-friendly kitchen gift ideas that make any gathering elegant, functional, and welcoming. There are countless ways to enhance your summer gatherings, and we hope you found a gift you love!

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