7 Eco-living and sustainability tips to honor earth day, every day

7 Earth Day Tips and Activities to Honor Earth Day, Every Day


Sunday April 22nd is Earth Day, the global movement to raise awareness about sustainability and take steps to protect our planet. It’s a huge reminder to each of us to take a look at our own ecological footprint and the impact we have as individuals on the environment.

This year Earth Day is encouraging people to help end plastic pollution, which is a huge problem for oceans, marine life, and the health of everyone around the world. Pollutants from plastic directly and indirectly cause harm, especially to the most vulnerable communities.  

So why not take a step in the right direction with little changes and sustainability tips that reduce waste in your day-to-day life? We're finding it's easier than you imagine to make eco-conscious choices.

Here are 7 easy Earth Day tips and activities for living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life.

1. Recycle wherever you can

Recycle wherever you can to honor Earth Day, every day - Prosperity Candle Blog

We’ll admit that sometimes we forget to recycle in our homes, but recycling is probably the easiest and most important thing you can do. Recycling makes a huge difference for the planet. It’s worth the extra second it takes to rinse the milk or yogurt container and throw it in the blue bin. Check out this basic guide for what can be recycled.

2. Take shorter showers and use less water

Take shorter showers and use less water to honor Earth Day every day - Prosperity Candle Blog

Small things add up! One way to conserve water is by taking shorter showers. But if speedy bathing isn't for you, try lessening water usage in other ways. Use the dishwasher less often by waiting until it is packed full, or rinse lightly used items like cups by hand. If you use sprinklers, try watering the grass less often. Live in a place where where there is a water shortage, but still want a beautiful landscape? Check out California Nativescapes or Plant Goddess Landscaping for more sustainable Earth Day tips and activities.

3. Repurpose instead of throwing away

This is our favorite because it means getting creative. It’s likely that many of the items in your house can be repurposed. At Prosperity Candle, we always design with repurposing in mind. Our Liberte Pot and Marbella Collection both become beautiful flower planters once the candle is finished for a lifetime of enjoyment (we include wildflower seeds).

4. Choose paperless bills and statements

Choose paperless bills and statements to honor Earth Day every day - Prosperity Candle blog

This one is super easy and a lovely Earth Day tip for all year round! Save trees and reduce paper waste by having your internet, electricity, doctor, and other bills sent to you electronically. Most companies offer a paperless option and you'll love how much less mail piles up. If you’re a business owner, consider moving your office over to paperless.

5. Pick in-season fruits and vegetables

Pick in-season fruits and vegetables to honor Earth Day every day - Prosperity Candle blog

Buying groceries in season is good for your body and the environment, plus it’s cheaper. Choosing local fruit and vegetables means less energy needed to transport and a smaller carbon footprint. Try shopping at farmers’ markets or choosing produce from local growers. You might find you're more inspired to cook yummy meals that make a great work lunch the next day, and you save on the plastic waste that comes with takeout. 

6. Reusable water bottles and bags

Reusable water bottles and bags to honor Earth Day every day - Prosperity Candle blog

We've all heard this sustainability tip repeatedly, but it's AMAZING how many disposable water bottles there still are. Instead, simply invest in your own stylish and reusable bottle. Love Bottle donates 5% of every purchase to Global Water to help get clean water to those in need. Throw-away plastic is one of the worst pollutants because it doesn’t break down or decompose into nature. But it does release toxic chemicals into the air and kill wildlife, so just avoid it altogether.

7. Walk or bike locally instead of driving

Walk or bike locally instead of driving to honor Earth Day every day - Prosperity Candle blog

This one is often just a matter of building in the extra time to get places. And now that spring is here, it's so much nicer to walk or bike instead of going around in a car. You help reduce emissions while enjoying the sun, and it's an especially great option for those short trips to the corner store. Want to shrink your carbon footprint even more? Consider carpooling or taking public transportation to work every once in a while.


8. Non-toxic cleaners for spring cleaning: Do we really need chemical cleaners? Nope. Today's non-toxic cleaning products are effective, affordable and safer, especially if you have little kids or pets in the house. They freshen up the house without releasing awful toxins into the air. Appreciate the beauty of spring with an all-natural cleaner like Seventh Generation. Their products work wonders and as a B Corp they are committed to creating a brighter future through social and environmental sustainability. 

Want to get deeper into the sustainable Earth Day tips? Check out the Plastic Pollution Coalition.

Plastic Pollution Coalition honors Earth Day every day - Prosperity Candle blog

Are you making changes to live more sustainably? Great! Let us know your easy Earth Day tips or activities in the comments below. Go green!


Zoe Campos
Zoe Campos

Thank you for reminding me that plastic production can heavily affect our oceans, marine life, and even our own health. I’m really glad that we have an Earth Day where we can encourage everyone to at least do their part for the environment, but I really wish they can do something little every day. Even investing in some eco-friendly stainless steel tumblers instead of buying drinks in plastic cups can really help.

Florence Welch
Florence Welch

It sure is good to know that conserving water by taking shorter showers is a good way to help ensure that we are living a green and sustainable life. My wife advocates in helping people live a sustainable life, and I think by limiting the time I spend on the shower would help this cause. Saving the environment is a noble cause that would not only help us but the future generations as well. https://greenvectorusa.com/

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