7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

July 27, 2018

7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking - Prosperity Candle Blog

Monday, July 30th is World Day Against Trafficking in Persons - a cause that is dear to our hearts. This week we are donating 10% of all our sales to the charity  Polaris, a non-profit dedicated to eradicating human trafficking and helping survivors. 

Around the world and in the U.S., millions of women, children, and men are coerced, forced, or falsely led into forced labor, sexual exploitation, bondage, or servitude. These victims of modern slavery are stripped of their basic freedoms and outcast from loved ones and society. Those who are rescued, or are able to escape, still face many challenges to reaching independence. Without an education or career skills, perhaps the greatest challenge is finding dignified employment to support themselves and their families. 

One way you can help is by purchasing products made by survivors. There are many incredible enterprises that provide job training, gainful employment opportunities, and community support to survivors as they rebuild their lives. We especially love handmade products because they are a celebration of each artisan's skills and creativity. Shop these inspiring brands to help restore freedom and independence for exploited women around the world. 

1. Elegantees

Elegantees - 7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking - Prosperity Candle Blog

This timeless collection of dresses, skirts, tees, and girl's apparel empowers women in Nepal who are rescued from sex trafficking to reach economic independence.  Elegantees offers survivors valuable career skills and a sustainable income to support their families and begin anew. Each handcrafted piece  is beautifully-designed and reflects the detail and skill of its artisan maker. Check out their Nora dresses for some classic elegance this summer!

2. Purpose Jewelry

Purpose Jewelry - 7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

Purpose Jewelry provides young women, who are escaping human trafficking, an opportunity to earn a living wage and become self-sufficient through jewelry-making. Purpose Jewelry reinvests 100% of their revenue into International Sanctuary, their non-profit providing much-needed job training and holistic care for survivors, including education, medical care, and counseling. We love their newly released Ankole Horn collection, handcrafted by women in Kampala! With every artisan piece, survivors gain a  renewed sense of independence, strength, and dignity. 

3. Starfish Project 

Starfish Project - 7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

These whimsical earrings and necklaces restore hope to exploited women in Asia who are building a brighter future for themselves and their families. Working with over 130 women, Starfish Project provides survivors with valuable tools and skills to establish their independence and launch into meaningful careers. Every Starfish Project purchase helps restore hope and supports survivors with  heathcare, shelter, counseling, and education grants.

4. Sudara 

Sudara - 7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

Sudara's mission is to provide meaningful employment for high-risk women and survivors of sex trafficking in India so they can escape poverty. Their  impressive apparel collection includes comfy casual pajamas for women, decorative bath robes, men's tees, and fun playwear for kids. We love the blue and tangerine orange accented-design of their 100% cotton Devi full punjammies.

5. Her Future Coalition

Her Future Coalition - 7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

Her Future Coalition has transformed the lives of over 2000 survivors and their families in India, Nepal, Thailand, and Cambodia. These elegant necklaces, earrings, and rings are handcrafted by women who are newly free and rebuilding their independence. 1 00% of Her Future Coalitions' profit is reinvested into holistic care programs and skills training for each survivor. Through jewelry-making, they are given an opportunity to creatively express themselves and heal. We are inspired by their silver cuff Resilience bracelet, designed to symbolize strength and regrowth. 

6. Girl Set Free 

Girl Set Free - 7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

These visually-stunning handbags, totes, scarves, and accessories are handcrafted by women who have escaped and overcome human trafficking. Working with vulnerable groups in Nepal, India, and the U.S., Girl Set Free gives survivors an opportunity to build a brighter future through weaving, sewing, and knitting. We love the versatility of their organic silk and wool scarf, handwoven in India. Stay tuned for their Story Collection launching this fall (their last collection sold out!).

7. Trades of Hope

Trades of Hope - 7 Artisan-Made Products that Empower Survivors of Human Trafficking

Through living wages and holistic care, Trades of Hope empowers survivors in Asia, Haiti, Pakistan, and the U.S. to escape poverty and support their families with a renewed sense of value and purpose. Their impressive collection of handmade jewelry, handbags, and home accessories are crafted with attention and detail. We are inspired by their teardrop-shaped Aspire earring set, handmade by women who are being rescued from brothels in Asia and rehabilitated. 

Every purchase we make has the power to make a positive impact on people around the world. We know this list is only the beginning... there are so many more social enterprises out there fighting to end human trafficking. You can also change a life with a  CRS Human Trafficking Candle, which supports the work of CRS to help put an end to modern slavery.

Which survivor-made product or brand inspires you to give back? Let us know in the comments below!

Top blog image from Purpose Jewelry.

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