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6 Best Hostess Gifts For Every Occasion

Some people make hosting seem so effortless - a last minute idea that comes together in spectacular fashion. For the rest of us, it tends to take a bit more planning. Whether a dinner, birthday, or housewarming party, there are friends to invite, food and drinks to prepare, and surely some cleaning to do. Behind the casual welcoming of your hostess was a to-do list that, even if largely enjoyed, took time and effort. 

Today it's common to accept offers to contribute, such as bringing an appetizer or dessert to share. It's a nice gesture for guests and can make a gathering feel more like a shared, communal event. But just as often, a hostess might say “just bring yourself!” for a good reason: the menu has been carefully planned. What then? In our experience, the best way to express your appreciation (besides showing up, of course!) is to bring a hostess gift. It doesn’t need to be big or expensive, just a simple way of saying thank you. 

So what makes the best hostess gifts? A bottle of wine or fresh cut flowers are good last minute hostess gift ideas, but we prefer more unique hostess gifts. As you might imagine, handmade candles that give back top our list. So to help you prepare for your next event, we’ve put together this unique hostess gift guide for every occasion. 

1. Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas 

Discover unique hostess gift ideas that give back to artisans | Prosperity Candle

With the holiday season upon us, it’s good to have some of your favorite hostess gifts on hand, ready for a surprise invitation and nicely gift boxed. We like to give one of our Happiness Candles, which can be enjoyed in any room and are simple enough to feel equivalent to a bottle of wine yet a little more special. For a special event with a stellar host, our elegant Gratitude Candle says it all. 

2. Housewarming Hostess Gift Ideas 

Best housewarming hostess gifts for any home | Prosperity Candle
What do you bring when invited to celebrate a new place? We love to bring a home accent that fits any decor. Our new favorite housewarming gifts are the Arista and Sienna bowl candles that are both unique and beautifully decorative. Not sure if your hostess needs a candle? Our Happiness Diffusers also make great housewarming gifts. 

3. Birthday Hostess Gift Ideas 

Hostess gift ideas to celebrate a birthday | Prosperity Candle

Is your host celebrating a birthday? Tell them they're awesome and how much you appreciate their friendship with our Birthday Treat Gift Set, or highlight their best qualities with a Zodiac Candle. Still looking for inspiration for that perfect hostess gift? Check out our entire collection of popular birthday candle gifts

4. Afternoon Tea Hostess Gift Ideas 

Best hostess gift ideas for afternoons with tea | Prosperity Candle
Whether it’s truly an “afternoon tea” or simply getting together for conversation, it’s still nice to bring your host a thoughtful gift. We’ve always liked pairing candles with unique teas, like our Harmony Gift Set with Big Heart tea and aromatherapy candle, or Ceremony Tea Gift Set with Adjourn Teahouse organic tea and our gold Mezo candle. Enjoy a cup of tea by an elegant candle to elevate your next get-together.   

5. Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas 

Best hostess gifts for relaxation and self care | Prosperity Candle

Are you heading to a baby shower? We love all the wonderful ideas for baby gifts, but like to focus just as much on the mom-to-be! No matter how or when a little one arrives, there is always a need for moments of self-care. Our Lavender Retreat, Unwind and Home Comfort gifts make wonderful baby shower gifts that remind parents-to-be to take care of themselves as well. 

6. More Hostess Gift Ideas 

Last minute hostess gift ideas for your next occasion | Prosperity Candle
No matter what the occasion or how informal the gathering, bringing a hostess gift is always appreciated, whether it is a last minute treat from a local shop or a unique product with a mission to give back to the community. Prosperity Candle is certified for social and environmental sustainability by B Corp with every candle, diffuser and room spray handmade by a woman artisan building a brighter future in the U.S. after living for years as a refugee. Check out all of our candles and gift sets for more great hostess gift ideas! 

Women artisans of Prosperity with handmade candles in our studio.

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