5 Sustainable Purchases that Will Make a Difference in Your Everyday Life

As you are probably aware Earth Day is April 22, and while one of our values is to create a sustainable impact in the world, this month is a reminder that there are always something more we can do to build a brighter future.

I like to tell myself that my carbon footprint is fairly small, but I’m sure my roommates would disagree–yes, I know I take forever in the shower. But hot water aside, I swear I recycle! Ok, but maybe I’m not entirely sure where the milk cartons go (the answer is here, if you’re wondering). And maybe I purchase too many plastic water bottles, and maybe, they’re collecting in the backseat of my car.

I admit, there are definitely changes I should be making, so I did a little research and found some great sustainable products that will hopefully make the world a little safer from people like me.

Furoshiki ECOlunchwrap

Furoshiki_ECOlunchwrap_Tree__45027.1392234097.400.400(Pronounced f-ROHSH-kee) If you happen to be one of those people who makes their own lunch and brings it to work (good for you!), consider one of these eco lunch wraps. They are machine washable, reversible, and easy to tie. They are also incredibly colorful and come in a variety of patterns. A great alternative to using plastic lunch boxes or paper bags.


Oggi Bamboo Compost Pail

ogh14004-2I used to live in a house with five roommates and we tried to compost, but it turned into a nightmare. Instead of trying to find a solution, we gave up. Our problems would have easily been solved if we bought a compost pail. These can be placed directly on the kitchen counter or under the sink, and when it’s full you can either move it to your outdoor compost bin. If you live in an apartment and don’t have a garden, there are most likely composting facilities near you: FindAComposter can help!

Non-Toxic Cleaner

mrs_meyers_clean_day_4Having a clean home is important, but the chemicals in most cleaning products are not necessarily safe for you or the environment. Luckily, there are so many safe, eco-friendly options when it comes to cleaning supplies that are easily attainable at most stores.
Here are some products you might consider buying on your next shopping trip:
Simple Green, Green Works, Meyer’s, And there are many DIY options too!

Buy a Water Bottle!

Hydros Water Bottle 3I keep telling myself this! Stop buying plastic water bottles. If you’re super picky about the water you drink, I would suggest buying one of those fancy water bottles that come with a filter. Hydros is a good example. They are made right in New Jersey, they are BPA free, dishwasher safe, and they filter quickly. Hydros works with Engineers Without Borders to help fight the global water crisis; currently they are working on bringing clean drinking water to the villagers of Gundom, Cameroon!

Journals & Notebooks

floralfantasyjournals_grandeI use a lot of paper, despite the fact that I use my laptop for mostly everything. Believe it or not, I take a lot of notes in my classes… by hand! It’s crazy, I know. I found these beautiful floral notebooks that are by Eco-Friendly Papers. Wasim and his family in India have been in the paper industry for over 80 years; they make the paper out of recycled cotton rags and without machinery. Because they are handmade, it feels as if every page is important… which means I probably shouldn’t doodle all over them.

Hopefully I’ve encouraged some of you to look for more sustainable purchases! They are worth the investment, not only to save you money in the long-run, but to save the earth as well (yes, that was a little tacky).

Speaking of sustainable, we have many candles in our Eco-Living Collection, made from recycled and repurposed materials!

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