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5 Best Self Care Ideas for Women at Home

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While compassion and caring for others' needs and our community goes a long way, it is also important to give ourselves the same amount of support in this time of stress and uncertainty. 

From the chaos of being cooped up inside our home with many responsibilities to worries about returning to normal during a crisis, most of us are likely feeling drained and less like ourselves in some way. Regardless of our personal resilience and strength, these stresses take a toll on each of us and challenge our health as we come up against our own battles or anxieties in this time.

Despite these stressors, there are still small things we can do while at home to encourage moments of calm and a feeling of inner peace. It is a much needed form of self care.

While taking a break from our phones is a great start, these best self care ideas help go to the source of our emotional and physical well-being, and bring us helpful reminders of joy. The feeling may start off as momentary relief, but with practice, these self care ideas for women can add up to more positive thoughts and overall well-being in the days to come.

1. Write notes of gratitude

Gratitude journal - 5 Best Self Care Ideas for Women at Home

You've heard this before, but thanking others, thanking ourselves, and appreciating small things in our days really can make us feel a surprising sense of happiness. 

In studies, healthcare researchers see a strong connection between feeling grateful and positive emotions. One self care idea with wonderful mental health benefits is to start a gratitude journal. Simply give yourself 10 minutes to write five things you are grateful for, with no judgement. Whether it was the 5 minute phone call with your loved one, a warm and beautiful day, a new sprouting leaf, or a delicious meal, each is worth writing down. You'll find yourself feeling much more balanced and less heavily affected by the uncertainties or stresses that come up.

2. Practice light exercise 

Practice light exercise - 5 Best Self Care Ideas for Women at Home

A daily movement practice can help rejuvenate your body and mind leaving you feeling energized and focused. And the great part is, there is no one exercise or movement practice that is better than another... you can find what works for you each day.

Finding exercise you actually enjoy and can make a habit of is more much more valuable than aiming to overexert yourself. That means you could start adding moving into your weeks with a hike on your favorite trail, longer walks outside, going for a bike ride, stretching, simple yoga, or some carefree playlist dancing. Beyond their physical benefits, these self care activities will bring you joy and make you feel more fulfilled afterward.

3. Slow down & soothe

Slow down and soothe - 5 Best Self Care Ideas for Women at Home

While going out for a spa day may not be an option, there are a multitude of ways to bring the same spa feeling of relaxation and calm to you. As simple as it is, setting aside a bit of time before bed to relax, light a candle and let go of stress is a favorite self care practice for many.

Yes, we love candles... especially ones with skin-nourishing lotion. After a long day of managing responsibilities, you can treat yourself to an at-home spa night with a soothing bath and a hydrating pure essential oil Massage Candle. Or on those unavoidably busy days, you can still take a moment to slow down in the shower with an essential oil steamer from our Morning Calm set or uplift with a botanical facial steam.

4. Nourish yourself

Nourish yourself - 5 Best Self Care Ideas for Women at Home

In the midst of stress, it can be easy to forget to give ourselves nourishing meals throughout the day, especially if we are focused on a myriad of worries and responsibilities. The beauty of eating healthy, nutritious foods is that our body and mood both get a boost and we feel the benefits almost immediately.

One easy self care practice is to give yourself time to cook something special every once in a while that can give you nutrients and last you a few days. This could be trying a new recipe you've seen or indulging in a homecooked favorite you haven't made in a while. The extra 30 minutes or hour it takes will be worth it when your entire being gives you a generous thank you, and it's a wonderful way to slow down and enjoy preparing a meal. Be sure to turn off the news and turn on your favorite music!

5. Use aromatherapy

Use aromatherapy - 5 Best Self Care Ideas for Women at Home

Filling a room with one of your favorite essential-oil based scents can give you an immediate sense of peace and help you let go of the events or news of the day. A fresh, woodsy or sweet scent can transport your mind to a soothing place in nature regardless of what is going on in the world.

We love lighting a Happiness Candle in our own home to remind us of the seaside or mountain, or adding a little Harmony inside when we need a moment of relaxation with a Tranquility Candle. Just like listening to that favorite song or cuddling with your pet, scents have the ability to bring comfort and calm to our minds. 

All of these self care ideas for women bring much needed care and attention to our mental and physical well-being during this difficult time. Of course, each of us has different challenges we are facing. We hope this list of self care ideas brings you a piece of calm and joy while you are at home. And if you've found more self care ideas that are helping you, we'd love to hear them!


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Beautifully presented and low key; I really enjoyed this!!

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