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5 Apps to Help You Live More Sustainably

Living more sustainably can sometimes sound a little intimidating, but it is really as simple as making conscious choices and being mindful of how you impact others and the planet. Surprisingly, you can make an incredible difference for the environment without changing your daily routine in any major way. With the right tools at your fingertips, living a sustainable and eco-friendly life is easier than you may imagine.

Each of us has the power to reduce our carbon footprint and give back to communities with our day-to-day choices. One powerful way to cast your vote for a brighter world is with how you shop. With the B Corp movement, conscious consumers and dedicated brands are making it a priority to give back to artisans and the environment. It's why February is B Corp month and is celebrated as a time for positive change.

It only takes one small shift to start creating a greener world. Here are 5 of our favorite apps that make it fun and easy to make sustainable and ethical choices, wherever you are. 

1. DoneGood

DoneGood App - 5 Apps to Help You Live a Sustainable Lifestyle

DoneGood is an incredible tool for discovering and falling in love with eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands. Founded in 2015, their mobile platform makes it easy to browse sustainable products, from home goods and shoes to handmade gifts. Aside from their smartphone app, the DoneGood Chrome desktop extension offers ethical alternatives to big name brands as you search. They even show you exclusive discount codes while you are their partnering shop's sites. It's pretty cool. 

DoneGood on iOS  | DoneGood Chrome Desktop Extension

2. JouleBug

JouleBug - 5 Sustainable Living Tips and Green Living Tips on Prosperity Candle Blog

With social sharing and badges, JouleBug can get you hooked on green living even if you're new to the idea. This engaging tool turns sustainable living into a motivating game with the ability to add friends and coworkers to check on your progress. Not only do you receive daily green living tips, but you are rewarded with points every time you make an eco-conscious choice like visiting a farmers market. JouleBug is a wonderful way to start living sustainably in the everyday.

JouleBug on iOS  JouleBug on Google Play

3. PaperKarma

PaperKarma - 5 Sustainable Living Apps to Help You Go Green and Give Back

PaperKarma offers a clever way to end the endless flow of junk mail that takes up precious space in your home and accumulates in your mailbox. As a two-for-one, this innovative app helps you save trees and reduce waste by contacting mailers for you to remove your name from their mailing list. Simply take a photo of the ads and magazines you no longer want and it will be as if you unsubscribed. You'll be living clutter free in 1-3 cycles!

PaperKarma on iOS  | PaperKarma on Google Play

4. Good on You

Good on You - 5 Simple Sustainable Living Apps to Help You Give Back and Go Green

Ever wonder whether a dress or blouse is doing good in the world? Good on You digs into the ethics of the fashion scene and offers sustainability ratings on over 1,000 brands. With a quick search, you can check if a brand treats their workers fairly, if materials are ethically sourced, and their impact on the environment and animals. As a bonus, Good on You pairs you with beautiful and ethical fashion brands that fit your budget and style.

Good on You on iOS  | Good on You on Google Play

5. HowGood

HowGood - 5 Simple Apps with Sustainable Living Tips to Inspire You to Go Green

HowGood makes the search for sustainable food and ethical grocery shopping a simple process. Instead of trying to decipher every label on the shelves, their rating system lets you scan bar codes and search. You'll find out in seconds how sustainable that food brand is for farmers, animals, artisans, and the planet. The next meal you eat will be refreshingly wholesome and cruelty-free. 

HowGood on iOS  | HowGood on Google Play

Of course, there is no one way to embrace sustainable living. We love these apps as a great way to get inspired and make ethical and eco-conscious choices a part of every day. Let us know your favorite apps or blogs that help make a positive impact below!

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