Nazahat's Story

Nazahat an Iraqi woman makes handcrafted soy blend fair trade candles at Prosperity Candle

“I want the entire world to know what an Iraqi woman can do. I trust that I will change my life to be better than before.”

Nazahat, a mother of five living in Baghdad, is one of Prosperity Candle's very first entrepreneurs. As a field tester, Nazahat created pillar candles and trained other women in the art of candle-making.

During our pilot program, Nazahat earned the equivalent of 3.5 times the minimum wage in Iraq, producing over 250 candles in just a few weeks.

Nazahat is a beautiful inspiration to us, an entrepreneur driven by love for her family. Her drive and spirit encapsulate the very core of our vision: to provide women the opportunity to truly thrive.